DIY Easy Mini Goat’s Milk Charcoal Detox Soap

DIY Easy Mini Goat's Milk Charcoal Detox Soap

I love to use activated charcoal in all kinds of ways here at my home. I bought some activated charcoal tablets over a year ago and I have all kinds of ways I like to use them that don’t include taking them internally, although I could. I find that buying them this way helps me save money as they are cheaper in capsule form.

If you are not familiar with the benefits of activated charcoal, let’s take a brief look at it. Activated Charcoal is different than the kind you find in your BBQ grill. According to Medicinenet, activated charcoal is

Charcoal that has been heated to increase its ability to absorb molecules

So in other words, it can be used to detox the body from all kinds of chemicals and harmful things. When used in this soap, it can be effective in clearing the skin of harmful bacteria, helping to cleanse the pores and leaving you feeling cleaner. it helps by absorbing these things and neutralizing them.

This goat’s milk charcoal soap is so easy to make and just about anyone can do it. It requires no special equipment of soap making knowledge to do, either! It’s a great craft and DIY for teens and tweens.

DIY Easy Mini Goat’s Milk Charcoal Detox Soap

To make Easy Mini Goat’s Milk Charcoal Detox Soap, you will need:

1/2 Brick of Melt and Pour Goats’ Milk Soap Base

2 Tbsp Activated Charcoal Powder or about 10 Activated Charcoal Capsules

30 Drops of the Essential Oil of your Choice

How to Make Easy Mini Goat’s Milk Charcoal Detox Soap:

If using activated charcoal capsules, carefully break each open. They tend to break apart rather violently if you don’t do it with a lot of slow care. If using powder, measure out about 2 tablespoons.

Cut your two pound brick of goat’s milk soap base in half with a sharp knife. The brick comes with cutting marks. Cut it into cubes and place the cubes in a completely dry glass container for melting. i like to use a glass 4 cup measuring cup.

Microwave on high for 30 second intervals. Stir each time until completely melted. Don’t over melt or try going longer than 30 second intervals or you may scorch it.

Pour the charcoal into the soap base. Add your essential oils.  (I used peppermint and eucalyptus) Do this quickly as the soap base starts to harden rather quickly. Using a bamboo skewer, whisk or something similar, mix the charcoal and oils in, gently. You don’t want to add too much air to it as that will lead to air bubbles in the final product.


Carefully pour the mixture into your silicone mold. I used a brownie mold, but any silicone mold will work. You can find these in craft stores in the candy making and cake decorating section. Silicone is essential as it makes it easy to pop them out. Gently tap the soaps on the counter to remove bubbles.

Allow the soaps to harden. I place the silicone mold on a cookie sheet to keep it flat and make it easy to transport. The soaps should be completely hardened in about 2 hours. Pop them out and store in a spot that is free of moisture. They also make lovely gifts!

This recipe makes about 24 mini soaps.

DIY Easy Mini Goat's Milk Charcoal Detox Soap



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  2. Hi! I was wondering if I can use coconut mil instead of goat milk?
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    1. Hi Kristal, No, it won’t provide the proper consistency.

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