DIY Gemstone Soap Amethyst

DIY Gemstone Soap

I was so excited when I first saw these gemstone soaps available at my local farmer’s market a few weeks back. Being a rock hound, and a person who loves DIY projects, I decided to embark on trying to make them myself. The first attempt was a failure as I just swirled some color in and placed it in molds. All the color kind of settled at the bottom and it looked like a popcicle. Then, I saw a post on Savvy Homemade about suspending objects in soap and decided I could do something similar with a bit more chunks in it and have it look like gems. I got it right the first time, I think!

While my soaps don’t look exactly like the ones I saw at the farmer’s market (they were a bit less chunky), I personally think they look great!

gem soap craft


Here is how you can make your own gemstone soaps. I made mine purple because I love amethysts and they are my birth stone, but it would really work well with any color. I am thinking of making them a deep green next time. Oh and in case you are wondering, I haven’t had any issues with staining from the dye. I think it’s important that you mix it well, though.



DIY Gemstone Soap Amethyst



You will need the following items to make your soap. It cost me approximately $30 to make this, but that’s because I had absolutely none of it on hand other than the essential oils, and I was too lazy to shop around. However, if you do shop around, you will probably find better prices. I have provided some [affiliate] links to good prices I found on Amazon to help. The recipe for this makes about 8-10 soaps though, so $30 wasn’t much to invest for all these lovely gifts!

doi it yourself gemstone soap

Please note, too, that you can use glass as your molds and your small portion cups, but you must lubricate is very well with oil or it will be very hard to remove. I didn’t do this because I didn’t have the money to buy so many small portion cups. I am not a big fan of plastic, so it was a hard choice.


2 lbs Opaque Goat’s Milk Soap Base, Melt and Pour

2 lbs Clear Glycerin Soap Base, Melt and Pour

Liquid Food coloring or Soap Dye

Essential Oils in Your Favorite scent

Disposable plastic Cups, 9 or 12 oz size

Disposable 2 Oz Portion Cups

Bamboo stirring stick

Glass Measuring cup

Chef’s Knife

Cutting Board

Paring Knife



How to Make DIY Gemstone Soaps


gem soap

1. Start by splitting your soap bases into halves. Set aside one half (approximately 1 lb) of each. Chop your soap and place one kind into your glass measuring cup (do not mix them!) and microwave in 30 second intervals until completely melted, about 3-4 minutes. Stir between stops. While it is microwaving, set out 12 portion cups in rows of 4 each.

soap making


2. When it is melted, pour into your portion cups carefully. You may need a pot holder to hold your glass measuring cup. Be sure not to spill any. Quickly, add 5 drops of coloring to each of the cups in the first row, 3 drops into the second row and 1 to the third row. Stir them up so they are completely mixed well. Place them into the fridge to harden.

how to color soap

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other soap until you have a set of opaque dyed and a set of clear dyed.

DIY Soap

4. With a cutting board and chef’s knife, start taking out the opaque out of the portion cup molds. Chop them into smallish pieces, irregular as possible. This will make it look more realistic. Set them aside in a bowl. Do the same for the clear and set them aside in a separate bowl.

homemade gem soap

5. Take your plastic drinking cups (I used the shorter ones so I could have fatter bases, but the taller ones would be lovely as well), and randomly add both clear and opaque soap pieces to fill to the top. Make sure there is enough of both.

6. Repeat step 1 in regards to microwaving, then add about 30 drops of your favorite essential oil, mix it,  and carefully pour it over the top of your cup molds to make a solid chunk. Your molds may melt a tiny bit and warp, but this is OK as you will be shaping them later anyway. Do the same for both the clear and opaque soap bases you have left (1 lb each, separately).

how to make gem soap

7. Place your molds into the fridge again and about an hour later, they should be hard.

8. Peel away the plastic cup molds and get out your paring knife. This is the fun part! Look up some images of cut gemstones and try to replicate it. To do mine, I simply started at the top and shaped them at about a 45 degree angle. Use the shavings to create more soaps or simply throw them in an old sock, tie it off, and lather up with them!

how to make gem soap at home


This was a fun thing to make with my teen stepdaughter. Making crafts together is one of our favorite pastimes. Here are some more crafts and DIY things to make with teens and tweens:

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  1. This is a really neat way to make these. I had no idea you could do this on your own, they are beautiful. Now I Must try and see if they come out as great as you had them come out when you did this! So cool!
    Sarah recently posted..Brum Brum Beep BeepMy Profile

  2. These turned out so cool. I used to love making my own soaps. I need to get back into it.

  3. I will be teaching a craft class this fall for a group of middle school girls and I think this would be perfect! Not too hard for tweens and early teens right? Great idea!

    1. Not at all! I think this is a great project for teens and tweens.

  4. What a cool idea! I think some amethyst soaps would be great for a care package or gift basket. They’re so pretty!

  5. Love this! What a great idea! These look so nice too though, I would just love to have a bunch to sit and look at. so very pretty.

  6. Those are gorgeous and just so unique, Way prettier than the bottled handsoap I have been using. What a treat to get this soap.
    Vicky recently posted..30+ Pretend Play IdeasMy Profile

  7. Soap making is something I haven’t tried yet. I think I will enjoy doing this. Your gemstone soap looks so cute and I bet it smells great.
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  8. I have always wanted to try making a homemade soap. I just never really got the nerve up to do it. However, now that I know how, I will give it a shot. Thanks!
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  9. That so pretty! I can’t wait to try and make that with my daughter!
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  10. Courtneylynne says: Reply

    Omg!!!! How cute is this soap! I actually collect real crystals so this is pretty neat!

  11. Wow what an awesome idea! I love this and I bet it smells so good. Fun beauty DIY’s are the best ever!

  12. What an amazing DIY, my mum would really love this one as she enjoys making soaps too. Sending her the link
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  13. So creative. You have a great talent there. keep it up. 🙂

  14. Oh wow these are so cool! I need to make some of these, they would make the perfect gift.

  15. I love how much it looks like a gem stone. I have always wanted to make my own. Thank you for sharing!
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  16. Oh man, these look so pretty! I love this, and I’ve always thought about trying to make soap.
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  17. HI,

    it’s sound really cool idea to make stone shop in home. great guide

  18. That so pretty !! awesome idea i am very exited to make this type of soap in my home

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