Do You Know What’s in Your Food? #KnowYourYogurt

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Whats in your yogurt


It used to be that I didn’t pay much attention to what was in my food. I figured if it was edible, I’d eat it. In many ways, I am somewhat still like that. I am not really that picky of an eater (unless it’s raw onions or peppers..*shudders*) and enjoy all kinds of cuisine and dining delights.

As I started to come down with symptoms of being ill from Diabetes, I started to make the connection between what I was eating and how I felt. This is when I started to eat better. Now, I will be honest and say I am not a huge food Nazi, that is, I still eat a lot of things many people wouldn’t, but I definitely try my hardest to look out for certain things and for me, one of those things is GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).


Dannon IS listening!


I first heard about GMOs when I went to college and attended culinary school. We discussed it very lightly in nutrition class. I didn’t form a strong opinion then, but as I have done more research, I have decided to try to eliminate them from my diet if at all possible.

I love when companies care what consumers have to say and take action to remove GMOs from their products. One such company is the Dannon Company. You know them as a yogurt company that makes Danimals and Oikos as well as the regular Dannon brand. Dannon has pledged that by the end of 2017 they will remove GMO feed from their cows for the previously mentioned product lines and thus making these 3 Dannon product lines GMO free! (yay!) They plan to accomplish this by working closely with the farmers who produce their feed to plant GMO free feed. And since Dannon is the only major Yogurt brand that sources their milk for their yogurt products from farms they know, this will be something the can definitely accomplish.


know your yogurt

On top of removing GMOs from their three flagship brands, Dannon has also pledged to label any of their products that contain any GMOs by December 2017, regardless of what the government decided to do in regards to laws. I love companies that are totally transparent this way and are working to bring consumer awareness to the front lines.

Animal welfare is something else that is important to me and I am happy to report that Dannon has been working on it for a while now. By this month, (JULY 2016) Dannon has planned to have all their farms Validus Certified. The Validus Certification means that the farm must meet certain standards such as good feed and water supply, animal health as well as many other key points in animal welfare.

Thank you Dannon for allowing consumer voices to be heard and be the driving force in changing your labeling and practices! Let’s hope more companies follow suit! #KnowYourYogurt


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