Dogs Deserve a Place To Rest #TallTailsAdventures



Thank you to Niche Parent Network for allowing me the opportunity to share my memories of my dog Vince.




Everyone has a special 4 legged buddy that leaves paw prints on our hearts. For me, that was my childhood dog, Vincent. He was a Boston terrier and he was so special to me. I got him when I was 7 years old. I still remember what he looked like when I first saw him. He was small, bouncy and full of energy and he had a blue ribbon tied around his neck. My mom took my brother and I to see him at the vet’s. We thought he was so cute and I was so happy when my mom told us we were going to be keeping him.

What was so great about Vince, as we called him for short, was he was so full of life. Every day was an adventure for him. He loved exploring and he loved spending time with his people. One of my family’s favorite activities when I was a kid was camping. I grew up in the beautiful Big Sky State of Montana, after all. Vince would go on every camping trip we did and he loved being out there with us. One of the funniest things he would do was paddle when he wasn’t even swimming. Because Montana has many creeks and rivers, some that were too fast moving for him and his short legs, my mom would carry him over the water as we crossed. He would paddle his legs as if he was swimming when she did. It always gave us a good laugh. And he was always really tired at the end of each adventure.


Dogs are such amazing little (or big!) beings. They are loyal and they teach us to be full of adventure. I remember we gave the best we could to Vince and he definitely lived a life full of crazy adventures that always ended with him snoring on the couch.


In Vince’s memory, I am reminded of great products that he would have loved. One such company is Tall Tails. They are the creator of pet beds that are of the highest quality and I love what they stand for. They believe that every 4 legged friend deserves a place to rest and since they create these amazing pet beds, they also make sure to get them in the “paws” of every dog out there including donating beds to military dogs and even blankets to the hard working dogs on sled teams. Tall Tails beds are machine washable, too, so they are great for taking with you on the many adventures you plan this summer with your fury buddy.

I wish I had a picture of Vince to share here as he was such a great dog and a huge part of my family. Unfortunately, since he passed over 12 years ago, I no longer have any images of him I was able to get ahold of. However, he will always be paddling his way across my memory.


What kinds of adventures do you take Your 4 legged buddy on? I would love to hear about your fun together!

5 Replies to “Dogs Deserve a Place To Rest #TallTailsAdventures”

  1. Darlene Carbajal says: Reply

    I think the only crazy adventure my dog has is when he’s running around the house like crazy! 🙂


  3. We do everything with our dog — camping, boating, playing fetch, you name it. He needs his rest!! 🙂

  4. Rita Alarcon says: Reply

    We have daily crazy adventures at home but the real fun begins when we take our two dogs in the RV for camping trips!

  5. My dog and I don’t have a lot of adventures, but we do spend a lot of time together at home and he loves to play ball. He is a great dog.

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