Double Duty Household Items



Plastic wrap, paper clips, cotton balls, toothbrushes..we all have these in our home. But other than the use we usually use them for, they seem to only serve one purpose. Until now! Let me show you my favorite ways to use these common household products!


sun dazed / / CC BY-SA

Cotton Balls:

What you usually use them for: Cleaning your nails from nail polish, applying makeup and using in first aid.

New Use: Slip one into a rubber glove to protect your gloves from getting snagged on your nails, doing fine detail cleaning in hard to read areas and even for play with kids with crafts or games.


Nicole Lee / / CC BY-NC-SA

Plastic Wrap:

What you usually use it for: Keeping foods fresh in the fridge.

New Use: Wrap your utensils in it when moving to keep them clean and together, make your rake or hoe have a tighter grip by wrapping a few layers around the handle and store a paint roller or paint brush overnight without having to rinse.


ccharmon / / CC BY-ND

Paper Clips:

What you usually use them for: Keeping papers together.

New use: Use as a book mark in a magazine, replace a lost zipper pull and clean under your nails after gardening.


Orofacial / Health Photos / CC BY-SA

Tooth Brushes:

What you usually use them for: Keeping those teeth pearly white.

New Use: Detail cleaning on grout, a mini paintbrush for small chipped areas of furniture and to polish your jewelry.


What household products do you use in unique ways? Do you use any of the above products in other ways I did not mention? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. I use toothbrushes to scrub stains out of clothes, to clean my ring between the grooves, and for any other small spots that need to be cleaned.
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  2. Crystle Monahan says: Reply

    Here’s one for computer geeks like myself: Use a clean, dry makeup blush brush to dust out your computer (especially fans.) Just make sure not to take anything apart for dusting if you can’t put it back together! Could be used for dusting other items with small spaces 🙂

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