Easter Egg Nails

It has been a while since I did a nail tutorial and with Easter right around the corner, I think it is time I did one!

I decided that I have had enough of the grey weather outside and wanted to do some pastel nails for the spring. These nails are super easy to do and they look like neatly decorated Easter eggs if you ask me!


Gather these supplies to create your cute Easter manicure:

  • 3 different shades of pastel polish. I used a light yellow, light teal and bright pink.
  • A pencil or pen with a good tip
  • Patience!

Start by painting your nails with the lightest color. I used “Unicorn”, by Sinful Colors.


Next, With a steady hand and a light amount of polish on the brush, paint a vertical line, off-center. Make it as thick or thin as you like. I used Avon’s “Aqua Fantasy”.


Finally, when both colors have dried, pour a very small amount of a bold color out. You only need a few drops, really. This won’t take to much to do and you don’t wanna waste too much. With a tip of a pencil or pen, gently dip it into the polish. You really don’t need much at all. With a steady and gentle hand, make dots alongside the vertical line. Try to make them similar in size.


Finish with a clear overcoat after all the polish has dried.


Happy Easter! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on Easter egg nails!

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