Easy Enchiladas!

I love this meal. I am all about cheap, fast and easy-peasy meals!

This one is super easy and fairly cheap and you get a lot of it!

First, lets talk about the ingredients you will need:

~One can of re-fried beans

~About 2-2 1/2 lbs chicken breasts (you could also use thighs, I just prefer breasts)

~1 small can of black olives

~1 large can of enchilada sauce, your preference

~A drizzle of cooking oil

~Large tortillas, 10-12

~Shredded cheese

~Green onions


~Sour Cream

1. Start by poaching the chicken breasts, cooling them (this could even be done the night before to speed up the process) and shredding. Place in a pan to brown with a drizzle of oil. Pre-heat oven to 375

2. Add the can of re-fried beans. Combine with the chicken. It may be hard to do, so add about 2 tablespoons sour cream and a little bit of enchilada sauce to make it easier to mix. Add olives.

3. Put about a 1/3 cup of mixture in a tortilla, add some cheese and roll up like a burrito. Place it in a cake pan. I use my trusty glass cake pan for this. Make sure you have sprayed or oiled the bottom to prevent sticking. Do this until you have a full pan.

4. Drizzle the enchiladas with the enchilada sauce, top with a generous helping of cheese. Top with aluminum foil.

5. While it bakes, (about 20 minutes or less depending on your oven), cube tomatoes and cut up green onions.

6. Bake until cheese is melted and it looks piping hot, with sauce boiling. Turn on broiler and remove foil. Allow to crisp up for just a few minutes. Keep an eye on it!

Pull your enchiladas, allow to cool for 5-10 minutes. Place on plate and top with green onions, tomatoes and sour cream! YUM!

This is a very good way to use up leftover turkey at Thanksgiving! I just shred some bird and use it in place of the chicken. My husband loves it!

Click Here to print this recipe out!

3 Replies to “Easy Enchiladas!”

  1. I so want to make this, is there a easy print out for this?

    1. I just added a link to do so at the bottom of the recipe 🙂 Thanks for reminding me! Hope your family enjoys it!

    2. Thanks I,m sure they will.

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