Essentials for Outdoor Dads

Essentials for Outdoor Dads

My husband is in love with nature. He would live in a cabin in the woods if we could. I couldn’t because, well, I obviously need my internet access, but if that wasn’t a factor, I would most certainly run away with him and be a hermit.

I grew up in Montana. The woods and mother nature was just a way of life there. I have many fond outdoor memories as a kid and some of those memories are surrounded by certain things, and even products that trigger them.

This father’s day, if you are looking for some perfect gifts to get the men in your life that love the outdoors, consider one of the following items, because let’s face it; anything that can be used over and over for years at a time is about as Eco-friendly as it gets.

Essentials for Outdoor Dads

Stanley Brand has been iconic for me when I was growing up. It’s that green bottle that brings back memories of my grandfather going hunting. He would fill it up with coffee and take it with him. My own father used to take one with him on his morning rounds at work, too. Stanley Brand’s iconic green vacuum seal bottle is what I remember the most, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they make a whole slew of products now. Let’s look at some of them.

The Adventure Flask. This by far was my husband’s favorite when he saw it. He is not even a big imbiber of the spirits, but he has this thing with containers. I personally think this is perfect for putting some wine in and taking it with you. I love that it is easy to fit in a backpack and take along. And of course, it comes in that iconic hammertone ice green, too.

Stanley flask

The One-Hand Vacuum Mug. This is like the little brother of the larger mug I remember from my childhood. I didn’t show this one to my husband because I wanted to surprise him with it. He is always complaining that the mugs I get him to put his coffee in are not good because they don’t keep it hot or cold long enough. This mug from Stanley Products keeps the contents hot for 4.5 hours and cold up to 20 hours if iced. This is perfect for him! He could enjoy his iced coffee even after we take a hike several hours later!

Stanley Mugs

The Vacuum Bottle. This is the one I remember from my childhood. It was slung into many a truck by many men in my life and never once lost it’s charm. This one has a handle, though and I love that.

I was pleasantly surprised to also see that Stanley Products feature cool new products I had not seen before such as the eCycle Nesting food containers. Being a bit of a green queen, I was very happy to see how they are starting to make products that are made from recycled materials and since it’s Stanley Products, I trust them to be super durable.

stanley products for dad

Do you have any Stanley Products that bring up memories for you of your dad or another man that was important to you growing up?

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  1. This is a good product, i bought one for dad and he does love to use it.

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