Why Every Woman Needs to Switch to a SckoonCup

Why Every Woman Needs to Switch to a SckoonCup

Thank you to SckoonCup for sponsoring today’s discussion. I was provided with compensation to write this post, however all words, opinions and personal experience are my own.

Why Every Woman Needs to Switch to a SckoonCup

There was a time when the very idea of using a reusable menstrual option (ad) was not something I would even consider. For me, it was the “ick” factor. I didn’t even like using tampons without applicators. I couldn’t imagine myself using something I had to insert that way and take out over and over to be cleaned. I also felt like my cycles were far too heavy to use it. I figured the mess alone would not be worth it.

Then I read the Chem Fatale report at Women’s Voices. To say I was completely flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to cover it. For a long time, women have been told in advertizing that our vaginas are not good enough. We are told they are “dirty”, and need to be cleaned and freshened up. The problem with this is, when you think about it, it’s not only sexist, but false. Our bodies are designed to clean for us. Yes, ladies, your vagina is a self-cleaning system! You don’t need chemicals to do the job that nature will do for you.

On top of this false portrayal of my feminine parts, I was shocked and dismayed to learn that most of the products I had been using because I was afraid of the “ick” factor in reusable menstrual cups are really fully of very “icky” things. Did you know tampons on the market today contain pesticides and remnants on chlorine bleach? Or that pads only absorb so much because they contain chemicals most of us can’t even pronounce? Our skin and bodies are so delicate there. I had to ask myself why I was OK with exposing my body to something that was so unnecessary.


I was ecstatic to be given the chance to try out the SckoonCup. It is a soft, flexible cup made of silicone. You insert it into your vagina during your cycle and only have to change it about once every 8-12 hours. (8 for me, since my cycle is so heavy, but some women can get away with only changing it once a day!)

I love that it was so easy to use. I was super nervous about it at first and I admit to wearing a pad the first day or two that I used it as a backup in case I didn’t insert it right. That will be the last time I use one since even for a SckoonCup rookie like myself, I was easily able to insert it right and had only minimal leaking.

My next goal is to use cloth menstrual pads. I figured while I am on this path, I might as well go all the way.

One thing I have to say about the SckoonCup is, I actually did notice a drop in cramping. I usually get a large amount of cramps in my abdomen during my cycles and they were very minimal this time around. I was told this could happen and almost didn’t believe it until it worked like a charm for me.  Where have you been all my life? The reason behind this is because most disposable menstrual products absorb too much, including any natural moisture you have down there to be comfortable. This is often what leads to much of the cramps some women expedience.

I love that the SckoonCup is one piece. Most cups are made with two pieces during the process of manufacturing them. Because the SckoonCup is one piece, it doesn’t have any seals, spots or bumps that might make it uncomfortable for the user to wear.



If you are considering switching over from traditional feminine hygiene products to a SckoonCup, I have some tips for you:


You shouldn’t really need to change it out while you are out and about, but if you do, bring a small bottle of water. This way, you can rinse it out without having to leave your stall.

After each cycle, sanitize your SckoonCup for next time by boiling it for a few moments.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before inserting it. The SckoonCup can get slippery when you rinse it out and dry hands will make it easier to grip.

Just like with tampons, you will know it is inserted right when you don’t feel it. You actually don’t even need to insert it far back, either.

Make sure to rinse it well between uses. Check the holes at the top and make sure they are clear. This is what help hold the SckoonCup in place.

It might seem like the SckoonCup is “expensive”, however, with the price of pads and tampons, after just a couple of cycles you will reach that amount. The SckoonCup is reusable for years! Perfect for me, since I love products that don’t contribute to waste.


6 big reasons to give up tampons and pads


So let’s recap all the amazing reasons to switch to a SckoonCup:


1. You will save the environment. A SckoonCup can be used over and over and for many years.

2. You will probably see a reduction in cramping.

3. You will save SO much money. One SckoonCup costs less than 6 cycles of disposable products and again, can be used for years.

4. You won’t expose your body to harmful chemicals that can potentially lead to serious issues.

5. It’s not as “icky” as you think and so easy to use.

6. You can get a SckoonCup in several different colors and save 10% when you use my code (see below).



To purchase a SckoonCup (AD) Make sure you use my code ( R0YR3Y ) to get 10% off the price of a SckoonCup!

Make sure to follow SckoonCup on their social media outlets as well such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and G+! They even have a YouTube channel!


So ladies, would you ever consider using one of these? What is one thing that stops you for using one? Let’s discuss!



Again, thanks to SckoonCup for sponsoring today’s discussion.



22 Replies to “Why Every Woman Needs to Switch to a SckoonCup”

  1. I am a bit curious about this. I can’t wear tampons because they don’t fit me right, but this cup seems more “bendy”, so I would think it would fit better. It sounds like it might be an alternative to pads for me.

    1. It is super bendy. I find that it fits really well. It is also shorter than other cups on the market from what I can see.

  2. I have thought about trying out this product, but I just don’t know how I feel about using this in a public bathroom.
    Jessica recently posted..Overnight Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon OatmealMy Profile

    1. Jessica, The good thing about this is you don’t have to change it out but once every 8-12 hours so the likelihood you would need to change it in a public bathroom is pretty slim, anyway. However when I did change it, I just brought a small bottle of water to pour into it and rinse it and them wiped it clean using a wet wipe with no need to leave my stall. Easy peasy!

  3. I no longer have to worry about any of this-thank heavens! When I did these weren’t around or I might have tried it. I never did like tampons and used them infrequently.
    Michele recently posted..Book Review-State of Mind (Briar Hospital Series)-Lawrence GoldMy Profile

  4. Very interesting, never heard about this. I’m sure its very controversial, but controversy makes for good writing and reading… Its nice that people have options and choices such as this, that’s what makes it a great country!

  5. Erica (@Erica's Recipes) says: Reply

    I’m frustrated by the lack of information and oversight into the residual chemicals in feminine products – particularly in the lack of real, controlled objective studies. Not ready to throw out my tampax yet, but I am a scientist and I honestly appreciate you raising awareness that this is an issue (as well as our food!) that needs to be addressed.

    1. No problem! I feel that people can only make choices that are best for them if they know the whole truth and you are right, it’s like the truth isn’t being talked about in our food, our cleaners, our feminine hygiene products or just about everything out there right now. We need to have the conversation and encourage folks to take a look. I appreciate you commenting, Erica. Great to see someone as tired of it as I am!

  6. Several years ago I used reusable cups. I was always terrified that I was inserting it wrong but I never had any trouble with it. I may have to start using them again and toss the disposables.

    1. That sounds like me when I tried this the first time. I was worried I was going to have a major leak issue. Thankfully, I had pretty smooth sailing. I am so grateful to have been able to try this cup out and will probably never go back to disposables again.

  7. Great information! I haven’t ever looked into this before.
    Debra recently posted..White Chocolate Valentine’s Day PopcornMy Profile

  8. I sometimes use cloth menstal pads. I used to make my own actually. This is something I would consider.
    Heather recently posted..Friendship on Saturday’s NotebookMy Profile

    1. I so wish I had a sewing machine and some skills and I would make some for myself!

  9. I’ve tried various cups and you know what? They are amazing. Thankfully, Aunt Flo is no longer a visitor but if so, I would totally have tried Sckoon cup.
    Jaime recently posted..Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn RecipeMy Profile

  10. I’ve never thought about using one before, but you make a great argument for it. I think it would take some getting used to.
    Crystal recently posted..Household Uses for Baking SodaMy Profile

    1. I was actually pretty surprised how easy it was to get used to. The first couple of days, I was checking it more often than nessisary because I was so weirded out and worried, though!

  11. I learned something new today. It’s interesting how far some product lines have come in terms of advancement.
    Rosey recently posted..Rogers Family Gourmet Coffee #GiveawayMy Profile

  12. How interesting…feeling naive in that I’ve never heard of this. I’m a cancer survivor, and (in some ways a blessing), I just barely spot once a month and don’t have a need for this due to all of that. But years ago, I definitely would have considered it.

  13. My daughter used something like this for quite a while and liked it pretty well. I’m not brave enough to wear it on days when I’d be in public, but at home, maybe.
    Liz Mays recently posted..Managing Finances | A Realistic Look at Saving MoneyMy Profile

  14. You are right – this is a sticky subject – but I am super glad you wrote about it because I had no idea anything like this existed. Don’t know if I am ready to make the switch yet – but definitely very informative.

  15. I have one of these and it’s AMAZING!!! Ladies, trust me—you will wonder how you ever survived without it! So many wonderful things about it: ZERO LEAKS (ZERO!)–saving money on underwear and sheets here, the MONEY I’m saving (can’t believe the COST of pads/tampons)–this thing has saved me HUNDREDS already, ZERO WASTE (I used to have to empty my bathroom trash every day when on my cycle–now, not at all), so comfortable (I often forget I am even wearing it), my cramps have gotten much less intense (some months, I have none at all), saving the environment (much less trash/waste). I’ll admit, it take a bit of “getting used to”–but once you do, you’ll LOVE IT!! (PS, thank you for this blog–I just discovered it and am having a blast reading all your posts!)

    1. Glad you are a fan of the Sckoon Cup, too, Melissa! And glad to have you as a new reader 🙂

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