Eyebrows, the easy way!

I get asked all the time how to do my eyebrows.

Truth be told, I don’t really have eyebrows. (lol) I just fill in what I have with an eyebrow liner and powder.

To start, you will need tweezers, powder in your brow color and an eye liner or brow pencil in same color,and a clean face.

Here is me pre-eyebrows. You can see why I do my eyebrows 🙂

It should be noted as well that I wear glasses, so I do my brows a bit bolder and thicker because of this. You can adjust your look to what fits your face.

Take the liner and line your eyebrows lightly to what you want the shape to be.

Don’t worry about hairs that are stray at this point. We will get to them later.

Now, take your brow powder and start to fill in with an angled brow brush. I happened to have lost mine, so I am stuck using a lip brush for now. A brow brush really does work more effectively, though.

When you are done filling in, it should look similar to this:

Now you can tackle those strays. Just pluck whatever doesn’t fit into your ideal brow shape. Don’t over pluck. You don’t want to take them all off! When you are done, take a brow comb and comb them neatly into place 🙂

To finish off, I put eyeliner and eye shadow on.

Here is me with my finished look without glasses and with:

Hope you found my tutorial helpful 🙂 I was always afraid to play around with my eyebrows, then just went ahead and did it one day and I think it does so much for my face now!

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