10 Tips For Fall Clean up

10 Tips for Fall Clean Up

As Fall is in full swing and the start of the holidays is just around the corner, it’s a good time to do some fall clean up.I live in a very tight space and organization and constant staying on top of clutter and mess is a huge concern.

I have compiled my own and others tips for making the most of your fall de-cluttering. I hope this will help you maximize your time and get the most accomplished.

10 Tips for Fall Clean-Up

1.  If it was not used last fall, get rid of it. This includes any fall themed decorations, plates etc. It has sat for more than a year being un-used. Now it is just collecting dust.

2.  Do a complete sweep of winter coats/hats gloves. Are there any that don’t fit? torn? missing the other with a pair? Get rid of them! Consider donating good quality ones to a shelter.

3.  While the weather is still somewhat warm, air out the house. This is also a perfect time to do a quick cleaning of the walls and deep clean any areas that need it.

4. Do a drain cleaner or other cleaner down your sinks and showers. The last thing you want is frozen pipes with a mass stuck in them when it is snowing outside. Follow some of my tips for cleaning out a drain the green way.

5.  While you are at it, check in the basement for any leaks and seal them.

6. Go through the cupboards and throw out any expired cans or boxes of food. Any that you have that are not expired, but won’t use soon, take to a local food bank.

7.  Re-pot any plants that need it indoors. Pots and gardening supplies are usually on discount this time of year.

8.  Check and replace furnace filters as well as weatherize your home. You wouldn’t believe how much simple things as window coverings and sealing small holes in doors and windows will save you in heating costs.

9. Do the cleaning that often gets ignored: The drapes, cleaning window sills, baseboards. You will be so glad you did when the guests start showing up!

10.  Don’t forget to check batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. If you do it this time every year, you will remember to stay on top of it.




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  1. These are great tips. “Spring Cleaning” is so readily accepted, it makes sense that an equivalent “Fall Cleaning” should take place as well. I completely agree with point 4: drain cleaning. I lived in Western Washington a few years back, and when an unexpected storm swept through the area, our pipes were rocked by the sudden drop in temperature. I remember kneeling in snow, wiggling and tweaking pipes and water fixtures, cursing my own stupidity at not taking care of the problem sooner. Thanks for sharing!

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