Do Fidget Cubes Work?

Have you heard of the fidget cube? It was an idea that was put on Kickstarter that took off. The idea is that ‘fidgeting’ is a natural thing for most people, even adults and rather than try to suppress it, encouraging it can actually be healthy and allow the person to have more concentration. It is also great for those that have anxiety, and even those that self-harm. Coming from a family of high anxiety people, myself included, I bought a fidget cube knock off for each of us to see if we got benefit from it. Now, I will say that these $1 knock offs are cheap, but you also get what you pay for. The cubes we have are OK, and functional, but they are cheaply made and some of the ‘fidgets’ don’t work as smoothly as they should. If you want a real fidget cube, I suggest getting it from Antsy Labs. They are the ones who ran the Kickstarter for Fidget Cubes.

Do fidget Cubes Work?- Fidget Cubes are marketed to help you think clearer, concentrate more and help anxiety, but do they really work? Here are my thoughts.

Keep in mind that my feelings on the fidget cube are only from what I have experienced from a cheap knock off. If you want a cheap one, I got mine of the app ‘Wish‘. You can get 40% off your first order with them with the code 4nbnffg. Just know that you aren’t getting the ‘real thing’.

Do Fidget Cubes Work?

Each side of the fidget cube has a different action you can do for fidgeting. The sides are Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll and Spin. Depending on what you find satisfying, you will probably find a side that you favorite. I personally love the click and breathe side. The breathe side feels like a worry stone and the click side satisfies my enjoyment of clicking a pen.

It does help with anxiety. I get anxiety in cars and I found that having the fidget cube with me to hold in one hand while I am in a car really does help me. I notice much less anxiety in the moment and I find that rather than gripping tight to my sides, I am much better soothed by it.

It’s incredibly portable. Because it fits in my palm, it also fits great in my purse, car, and pocket. I can even fidget with it without anyone knowing because it is so small. This makes it much more portable than, say, a stuffed toy or blanket in the case of a child.

It is worth the money to buy the more expensive one I have heard. The original ones have not started shipping yet, but will soon. I have heard that they quality difference is very noticeable. For instance, with the cheaper one I have, the mechanisms that do the fidgeting are much smoother in motion.

Should You Buy a Fidget Cube?

I absolutely believe that if you even suffer from mild anxiety that a fidget cube can really help you concentrate and for kids with anxiety or ADD/ADHD it can be a lifesaver. For folks with self harm tendencies, I can definitely see how this can be helpful because it allows them to do something with their hands and work out that desire to pick. I can also see how if you are trying to quit smoking how a fidget cube can be good. So, a resounding yes from me.


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