Fun Butter Making Project to do with the Kiddos

It’s no surprise that kids like science, cooking and helping out. This fun butter making project will surely keep them busy for a bit while you finish up in the kitchen this Thanksgiving!

It may come as a surprise to them that butter used to be handmade. Some people still make all their own butter. I love to buy the Amish butter around here because the fresh taste cannot be beat. To help your kiddos understand how cream turns into butter, tell them how cream has fats in it. When you shake the cream, the fats come together (emulsify) and the liquid (butter cream) and fats separate.


This will make you little ones light up: Kids love shaking things and love seeing an end result from something they can do by themselves!

For this butter making, you will simply need some heavy whipping cream (in the carton) and a jar or container with a lid. A glass jar works best so they can see the progress.

Pour the cream into your container. (I had to switch mine out after I started shaking because I realized it was shaking out all over the place. Make sure your lid is secure!)

While holding the lid, shake the contents for approximately 10 minutes. This is a great project if you have 2 pairs of hands. They can switch off when one of them gets tired. About Halfway through, you will notice there is less sloshing. Open the jar up and let the little helpers see that the liquid is now whipped cream.

Replace the lid and shake vigorously for about 5 minutes. You will know it is done when it clumps around in the jar.You should see butter with a liquid.

Pour off the butter cream. Spread the butter on a plate and add a dash of salt.Fold the butter into itself, incorporating the salt. Voila! You now have home-made butter!


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