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It’s no surprise that I love nature. Being someone who enjoys living as natural as possible in my every day life, being in nature itself is truly what I long for. I was raised in Montana and this meant we spent lots of time on lakes. I remember being able to get out on some motor boats when I was younger and one time, I even got to sit on the back of one of those huge inner tubes that the boat tows. I fell off almost immediately because I lacked skills but I had a blast! Getting out on the lake in a boat is almost a right of passage when you are a kid growing up around so many beautiful opportunities to do so. Here is my daughter when she was 5 on a boat and she had so much fun. I am sure it is something she will remember for the rest of her life. (On a side note, I can’t believe she is 13 now!)

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Another memory I have is watching fireworks on Independence Day on a lake in a boat. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced! The reflection off the water makes it truly magical.

In any case, getting out on the water is always exciting and you don’t even have to have skills or lots of money to do it. Here are some ways to get back to nature on a boat.


Get Back to Nature on a Boat


Look into renting a boat if you don’t have access to one- Many people don’t realize that you can actually rent boats and other water sports equipment such as jet-skis. If you have a lake near you, you can almost bet there is a company that rents them out. While you may think the cost is a lot, it can be easily split by a group and you can all have a blast out on the water. Check out the Get on the Water tool from Discover Boating to find out where you can rent near you!


Get your kids involved in a youth boating organization- There are many organizations from Boy Scouts to Youth Sailing Clubs that can help your kids not only develop a love for boating, but also give them some great skills as well. Some of these programs are low cost or even free! Check around your area for youth boating programs.

See if a boat could fit your budget- Many people don’t even consider that they may be able to afford a boat. While boats were once thought of for only the super rich, they are more affordable than ever now so it is worth looking into the different kinds of boats and what can fit your budget. Know that all boats aren’t the same! There are many kinds of boats that can fit your needs from slow movers to turbo fast and they come in all sizes.


Consider buying used- A used boat can be a great investment and you may be able to pick up a real bargain. Just as with buying a used car, though, there is the potential for there to be many issues. Make sure you do your research before purchasing used and consider both private and dealer sales.

Ask family and friends- Sometimes, the easiest way to get on the water is to just hitch a ride with a family or friend. If you know someone who enjoys boating, drop a bug in their ear that you would love to go next time they hit the water. I bet they would love to share the fun with you!


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  1. Thanks for the idea to get out on a boat. You are right, I had no idea that I could rent a boat with water skiis and stuff. I have never been much of a boater, but maybe I should go give it a try.

  2. Wow, great post! Definitely some very helpful tips and advice. Many people do not think about all their possibilities such as buying a used boat or simply renting one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Buying used boats can really save you a bundle, plus you can find some great, quality vessels for a steep discount! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think buying used boat is great idea specially when you have some mechanic who can check all parts and outboard engine.

  5. Boat storage Cape Cod says: Reply

    Sea ride on a boat is definitely a good way to rejoice. Tips shared to enjoy the ride are good. To protect your boat, you need to go for vinyl wrapping a boat for winter storage.

  6. I am in a boat business myself and I highly recommend going out on a boat with friends and family. It’s a great experience.

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