Get Cash for the Holiday Season



This is about the time of year when  you might start thinking about coming up with money for gifts for the holiday season. The sooner you start planning for it, the better off you will be come time to do your holiday shopping. Here is a list of ways to help you come up with cash for the gifts you are hoping to buy your loved ones:

1. Take on a small seasonal job. Even if you just pick up a few hours a week, you will have a couple hundred dollars in no time.

2. Sell your used Cd’s, books or textbooks. These items are just what other people may be looking for.

3. Start saving all change you get from now until shopping day. In just a month, I was able to save over $60, once and I didn’t even feel it in my pocketbook.

4. Offer to house-sit. Many people will be taking off for the holidays and may need a pet-sitter or a house-sitter. You can make some cash doing this in time if you offer your services.

5. Do pre or post holiday cleanup. With everyone being so busy over the holidays, everyone could use a helping hand with holiday clean-up. Offer to dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms and mop or any other services that may be of use.

6. Don’t forget to coupon! If you save some money on an item you would normally pay full price for, put what you saved away for the shopping trip.

7. Cut down on driving and save money from not needing gas. Instead, car-pool or take public transportation. There is always a good walk if you don’t live too far from work as well.

8. Find a craft to make and sell. You can do this online or at the many craft shows at this time of year.


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