Get Creative with Ramen Noodles!

Every College age person knows all about the “Ramen Noodle Diet” where you find creative ways to use the infamously cheap food staple.

At my house we use them for a lot. I wanted to share some of their many uses!


~ Use them to add crunch to your salads. Just break some up in a package and throw on!

~ Make your own stir Fry with just a bit of soy sauce or teriyaki sauce and some canned veggies and chicken

~ Mix them with tomato soup and you have yourself a delicious soup!

~ Cook noodles without sauce and drain. Top with Chilli and cheese.

~ Use ramen in place of spaghetti, and make my spaghetti sauce!

~ I found this awesome desert recipe using just ramen, peanut butter and chocolate here.

~ like egg drop soup? Just make ramen as directed and add an egg and stir in.


What is your favorite way to eat Ramen Noodles?


photo via flickr by Dominik Schwind

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