How to get Great Deals on Fitness Gear

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When I started my fitness journey, I didn’t realize just how quickly it could get expensive with all the new gear I wanted from workout wear, to supplements and gadgets, it quickly adds up and my wish list keeps getting longer! The good news is, there are lots of ways to save money on everything your heart desires so here are my tips on how to get great deals on fitness gear.

How to Get Great Deals on Fitness Gear

Compare prices- Like anything else, prices can be vastly different depending on where you get the item you are looking for. Don’t just take the first price you see without checking out where you might be able to get it for much cheaper. As a rule, I also search online to compare prices I see in stores for things like fitness gear.

Ask for recommendations from friends and others- Before you go buy something you will possibly regret, check with friends, your personal trainer or family and ask them what they recommend. You will likely get some good feedback this way and you can avoid buying something that seems like a good idea but people haven’t had a good experience with it.


Check out sites like Groupon- Groupon Goods has so many fitness related items that it would be crazy not to check them out. I have a long list of wished for items on there from Apple iWatches to supplements, shoes and workout clothes. I am always blown away by the amount of stuff they have for fitness fans like myself.  In addition to the amazing deals on Groupon Goods, there are sometimes 24 hr flash sales that make items 80% off or more! If you download the Groupon app, you will get notifications when these sales happen on Groupon or Groupon Goods.

Scour thrift stores- If I can’t find a deal I want on Groupon, I look for fitness related times at thrift stores. This is kind of a last shot for me though, as many fitness items are best bought new and I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally bought something that was broken. Be very careful if you choose to shop this way, but every once in a while you can find what you want.




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