Get the Best out of Pinterest!

Pinterest, a site that has grown so much in the last year, is a favorite “addiction” of many people-many of which are women. It is easy to see why. I like to call it “eye candy” because it it a virtual collage of photos connecting the user to recipes, DIY projects, crafts, fashion trends and tips and beauty. You can practically plan your child’s nursery or your wedding on the site!


For many bloggers, Pinterest has been an awesome way to connect people and drive traffic to thier blogs. In fact, my number one referring website for traffic is Pinterest. I get more traffic from them than anywhere else!

If you are using Pinterest for your blog, I have created a list of pointers to get the most out of it!

1. First of all, Pinterest is best used for “Evergreen Content”. According to, evergreen content is:

Evergreen content refers to informational or reference material that never goes out of date, therefore desirable to websites looking to build a lasting readership. Good evergreen material is needed over and over by the general public, creating a built-in guarantee of continuing hits. The quality of the evergreen content in terms of its presentation, clarity and usefulness, will go a long way towards dictating the popularity of the website.

In other words, it is good for things like recipes, crafts, parenting tips articles, DIY subjects, beauty tutorials, fashion tips, etc. It is NOT good for deals, coupons, affiliate links, giveaways or anything else that can’t effectively be shared “forever” as a reference.

2. Join Pinterest re-pin groups such as the ones on Facebook. I started seeing the biggest jump in my Pinterest traffic when I started regularly joining in on threads where people promise to re-pin other’s pins and share them with their readers.

3. Add a “pin it” button or Pinterest share button to your posts and blog. This easily allows others to pin for you.

4. Since Pinterest is mostly visual, make sure you have the best picture in your article pinned. It will be, after all, the first thing that grabs someone’s attention in the plethora of pictures on the site.

5. When posting a description of your pin, keep it short and sweet and make sure it makes the person viewing it want t click to see/read more.

6. Always pin from original sources. This is just “Pintiquette” (aka “Pinterest Etiquette”) as it is more than annoying to click on a yummy recipe hoping to find out how to make it and find out it is nothing more than just a Google image.

7. Work on trying to gain many followers on Pinterest. This is vital to having your stuff go viral on the site.


I hope these tips have been helpful! What tips for using Pinterest do you have?

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