Green Alternatives to Traditional Cleaners


Today’s article is from Guest Writer, Ashley Winters.

Let’s face it; many chemicals are destroying the world we live in, drastically affecting our health, and for many of us, they cause allergies, too. The more we change to greener alternatives, the better our world becomes. It all starts with one person. When it comes to cleaning your house, you want clean, but you also want safe! Here are some green alternatives to traditional cleaners that you can make right at home, inexpensively and in just a few minutes!

Green Alternatives to Traditional Cleaners

Citrus and Lavender Toilet Fizzies from A Cultivated Nest will make cleaning your toilet a breeze. Not only that, but they smell good too!

Use All-Natural Lemon Infused Disinfectant Spray from Bren Did on anything in your home for a clean and safe alternative.

If you love the smell of Pine Sol, you are going to love the all-natural Pine Vinegar from Bren Did.

Give your bathroom that fresh and effervescent smell with Fizzing Peppermint Toilet Powder.

Lysol is effective at getting rid of germs, but with this Natural Lysol Recipe from Enjoy Natural Health, you won’t need a harsh disinfecting spray to get rid of the flu.

Cleaning takes a little scrubbing from time to time. It may seem like getting a chemical would be best, but DIY Soft Scrub works just as well!

Apparently kids like to eat Tide Pods these days, and that is super dangerous (what’s up with that?), so keep those out of the house with this Essential Oil Stain Remover from Best Essential Oils Not only is it safe, but it gets rid of the toughest stains without the worry of your kids ingesting it.

Dust….it’s everywhere! But, with this natural Homemade Dusting Spray, from Pins and Procrastination, dusting your home has never been easier!

Your oven is used to cook the food you eat. That means harmful chemicals should never be used in there. Instead, try this Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner.

For those who haven’t cleaned in awhile…or just have some deep cleaning, try Miracle Deep Clean Spray as a greener option. It’s a miracle!

When it comes to cleaning your house with green alternatives to traditional cleaners, there are tons of recipes to get the job done. Happy cleaning!

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