Green Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Green Ways to Stay Cool without Air Conditioning- If the heat wave has hit you, and you don't have AC, here are some green ways to stay cool in the summer.

Green Ways to Stay Cool without Air Conditioning- If the heat wave has hit you, and you don't have AC, here are some green ways to stay cool in the summer.

Air conditioning is a fairly new invention when you look at the invention timeline. It was not until the 50’s that many homes had them even though the closest relative of the modern air conditioner was invented nearly 50 years before that and it was for keeping humidity under control in a plant.

Even still, many homes and apartments do not have air conditioning and if they do, it may not be effective. Not only is a hot house incredibly uncomfortable, but it can actually be dangerous and deadly if you get heat stroke. Here are some ways to stay cool without air conditioning. The good news is, most of these are eco-friendly, too!

Green Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Make sure you are wearing and sleeping in the right fabric. Cotton sheets and cotton clothing is your best bet because it allows your body room to breathe and it provides better wicking than something that is polyester, silk or spandex.

Wet a towel and make it your best friend. A wet, cold towel or even hand-towel or wash cloth can be amazing for keeping cool. Periodically dab it all over your body and sit in front of a fan.

Drink plenty of water. You will stay cooler if you give your body something to sweat. Plain water is the best thing you can drink on a day that is sweltering. It will keep your core temperature down, too.

Take cool baths or showers. If you can, take a cool bath or shower when you start to feel very over-heated. It will bring your body’s temperature down and you will find relief.

Place ice in front of a fan for a cooler air blowing at you. If you have milk jugs or 2 liter bottles, wash them out and fill with water to freeze. Make sure you have backups so you can switch them out when one starts to melt.

Don’t turn on the stove or oven and skip the dryer. These appliances heat up your house more than you may think. Instead, make cold meals like sandwiches or salads. I also like to use my slow cooker a lot in the summer because it doesn’t heat up the house and it doesn’t require me to stand in a hot kitchen. Use the heat outside to line dry your clothes.

Open your windows when it is cool and shut all blinds and windows when it is hot. If you don’t let too much heat in, you won’t have to get rid of it later.

Apply cold compresses to your pulse points if you feel like you are getting over-heated and feeling ill. These areas are the groin, neck, behind your knees and forehead.

Stay in the dark. If you can, try not to run any light sources. This little bit of heat that light bulbs give off can add up if all your lights are on at home.

No matter what, watch for signs of heat stroke- light headedness, nausea and lethargy. Get to the ER quick if you are worried about a loved one.


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  1. I loved your advice to drink plenty of water. That seems to be something that people often overlook. However, it can make a real difference when it comes to feeling cooler. I feel like the water makes your body temperature lower. Obviously, that will come in handy during the dog days of summer.

  2. Veronika Dalton says: Reply

    You could also get your hair wet! In the summer, that helped me stay cool while my A/C was broken. It took 4 days to get it fixed, and I was miserable that whole time. I have never been more happy to see an HVAC specialist come through my door! Hahaha, I could have kissed that man when the A/C started blowing cold air again.

    1. Yes, keeping your head cool does tend to make the rest of your body feel cooler. I agree!

  3. Veronica Marks says: Reply

    I learned the hard way about how fast the oven can heat up a space during those hot summer days! I even avoid using it when I do have air conditioning! Thanks for these great ideas! I’ll be trying them this next summer for sure!

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