Growing your own Onions in Your Kitchen

Did you know you can re-grow some of your produce you buy at the store no matter what season it is? No need to waste money buying produce you can reproduce several times is there?

I tried to grow green onions after hearing about it on Pinterest.


I was amazed! I don’t have much of a green thumb, although I get better all the time, and even I could grow these babies!

There are two methods to growing them. One, is placing them in soil in a little pot on your kitchen window. All you do is just stick your finger in the soil and place the white root part in the dirt. Water and allow to grow.

The second method, the one I used, is to place the white root part in a glass with some water-about 2 inches-and grow. This method works great if you don’t have space for a pot and very little lighting. I placed my glass of onions near indirect lighting and they grew about an inch and a half every day. I was seriously stunned and amazed!


Now, you may be thinking, “But green onions are less than a dollar, what is the point, really?” The point for me was to save money. While a dollar is not much these days, why waste one? With this method, you can grow your onions 3-4 times before needing to throw them out and get new roots. I bought these green onions for 55 cents. If I grow them 5 more times, I am spending a little over a dime each time. Plus, green onions are one thing on my shopping list I seem to always forget.

In less than a week, you will have a whole new set to use in your recipes and if you won’t use them this fast, you can cut them off, chop them up and freeze them for use in omelets and other recipes as these kinds of onions freeze well.


Just look at the growth after a week:



Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!

14 Replies to “Growing your own Onions in Your Kitchen”

  1. Really? I will have to try this. Because I do always manage to come home from the grocery without any onions. And its a hard habit to break.

    1. I was amazed honestly with how fast they grew WilmaJean. My family loves green onions and I do the same thing-mentally put them on my grocery list and forget 75% of the time. Let me know how yours turn out! I recently transplanted them to a pot and we will see how they continue to do!

  2. {Kathy} That’s crazy! I will give it a “shoot”….Ok. Enough of that. Have a wonderful SITS day!
    Mothering From Scratch recently to chill out a mom in seven easy stepsMy Profile

    1. I hope you do! Its fun to watch them grow so fast.

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  4. Yum, yum, yum! This seems easy enough for me to do. I tend to kill every plant I come within 10 feet of, but it’s worth a shot!
    Ashlee recently posted..How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?My Profile

    1. I have a “black thumb” too, Ashlee, but this really is a s simple as sticking it in water and watching in amazement as it grows.

  5. Now that is just wonderful… I may try this!! I never knew you could grow them inside!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Your Mother’s ChildMy Profile

    1. Yes! Isn’t it cool? I grew these in a colder month right inside by just placing them near a window in indirect lighting and I was seriously amazed that they grew so fast! They taste amazing, too, by the way 🙂

  6. We use a lot of dried green onions, maybe I should grow my own then dehydrate them… Thanks for the idea!

    Happy SITS Day!
    Rachel Keeth // Lavender & Honey recently posted..Easy Vanilla CustardMy Profile

  7. I also do this using a regular onion in soil and it works great. I’ve also done it with garlic, and the green part that grows is like a garlicky onion which is great with fried eggs!
    Leila Boukarim recently posted..Blog Hop: Why Do I Write?My Profile

    1. The garlic sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  8. This looks like a great idea. Does the water ever get slimy?
    Sorry, gross question. I just want to make sure nothing else would be growing along with my green onion.
    Julie V. recently posted..Garlic Ranch Pizza with BaconMy Profile

    1. Julie, My water was fine. It only took a little less than a week to grow these and I didn’t try it again because I had heard that by the 3rd time, many of the nutrients are gone from the onions and they don’t taste as strong. If you want to keep them going, I suggest planting them in soil, either in a pot or in the ground.

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