Guide For Buying in Bulk

Guide to buying in bulk

Buying in bulk is one of those things that most frugal living families will tell you  is a big money saver. It seems pretty straight forward, but there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to buying in bulk.


Guide For Buying In Bulk


Know what you will reasonably use up in time before it expires. If you buy too much, adjust what you buy next time to avoid wasting money. Keeping a list of how much your family goes through will help you manage it better and have a good idea how much to buy when you get to the store.

Look for unit prices. Sometimes, buying in bulk in not the cheapest option. If you pay attention to have much each unit costs in the package, you may see that by itself or with coupons, you can buy individual sizes much cheaper.

Buy containers for your bulk loose products such as baking soda, brown sugar, pasta and spices. It will give you something neater to put it in rather than just leaving it in the bag and it will keep it fresher longer. Also, putting it in a durable container keeps it more sanitary as well as pest free.

Buy perishable items in bulk with caution. Do you have the freezer space? Can it be frozen? Buying meat in bulk is a great way to save money if you can. Just break up the large packages into smaller ones in zipper freezer bags with dates. This will let you know what to use up first. Most meat can be stored for 2-3 months and maintain it’s freshness in the freezer.

Learn skills such as canning and food dehydration so you can take advantage of seasonal produce that goes on sale. Being able to preserve it will allow you to enjoy it months from now when it is no longer on sale.

Weigh everything and bring a calculator with you. If you are buying from large bulk containers, don’t just eyeball it. Weigh everything and calculate the approximate cost. You don’t want to overspend and get a surprise at the register.

Cook with what you can get in bulk and plan meals around it. If a particular cheese is on sale this week, plan a meal or two around it. Shred the rest and stick it in the freezer. Cheese holds well shredded for a couple months frozen.


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