Have a Not-So-Boring Date Night!

In this time of rushing around the holidays, it is still important to slow down once in a while and have fun with your spouse.

I have put together some fun date ideas that are low cost and some are even free!

1. If you have Netflix, watch an entire season of a favorite tv show. Make popcorn and get some snacks and do your own marathon!

2. Go for a wintery walk to a local cafe and get some hot cocoa. Take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

3.  If you have a local brewery or winery, go to a tasting night.

4. Go see a local High School Basketball game.

5. Make a new meal you have never tried together.

6. Pretend to be a tourist in your own town. Do all the free tourist things. We have a carousel here and its cheap to ride. Super fun for adults!

7. Have a fondue night with chocolate or cheese. Feed each other blind-folded

8.  It’s winter! Who says sledding is just for kids?

9. Since I recently started couponing, we do coupon date nights. We look for coupons to local restaurants and attractions and use them to do a cheap night of fun. We don’t do anything we don’t have a coupon for!

10. Do indoor ‘smores. Cook over a gas stove or a candle.  Read scary stories or watch a scary movie.

11.  Do a craft together.

12.  Make a scrapbook page of your wedding, first date or another time together. Vow to work on one page a month.

13.  Pet the cats and play with the dogs at a local animal shelter.

14. Shut the phones off, and the internet off and make it a snuggle day. This can be so refreshing in our busy times ahead.

15.  Organize a section of your home together. It can be fun if you turn up the music and work together. Reward your hard work with a favorite meal out.

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