Help Kay get an Ipad. You must read this :)

I have a friend that is an absolute sweetheart. On top of that she has many other roles we often share as women: Mother, boo-boo kisser, cook, nurse, taxi driver, maid, photographer and for her, manicurist. Two titles she also has, tragically, is widow and single mom.

Last year, she lost her best friend, her husband Dana, in a car accident, just weeks after he had saved another man’s life in a tragic accident at work and just weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas. It rocked her world and it rocked her kiddo’s worlds too. She has three beautiful Children-two girls and a boy. This was all less than a year ago. When I say this family has been through so much grief this past year, that is putting it lightly. I cannot imagine losing my daddy as a child. My heart is so sad for this wonderful family.

Although it will take a ton of time to heal the hurts of lost loved ones for this disabled mom and her three children, I find it absolutely inspiring to see my friend be an awesome mom through it all. I see her post pictures to Facebook of her and her kid’s journey through grief and I also see small signs that happiness is finding it’s way back.

Her daughter Kay is trying to earn her way into owning an Ipad 2. This is something she has wanted for a long time and as a single disabled mom, her mother cannot afford it. That doesn’t stop Kay from hoping and dreaming and coming up with a plan!

Her school has a fundraiser that can help Kay get her Ipad. All Kay has to do is sell 200 items! This little girl is trying her heart out to reach her goal and since I know many of my fans are wonderful, kind and generous people, I wanted to share the opportunity with you all to make a difference in this little girl’s life! It’s easy. All you have to do is buy an item from the online store. Many of these products are under $10 and they get shipped right to your home. Not only will you help Kay reach her goal and light up her life, but you will help a local public elementary school that has been so supportive of Kay, her siblings and her Mother (who is a “room mom”) during their time of need.

I urge you to consider buying just one item. It would mean a lot to me, and I know it would mean a lot to Kay.

To see the items for sale on the fundraiser website, Just go to this web address, as it is personalized just for her:

Also, would you share this post? Imagine if just a couple people you know all bought one gift and then shared it with others…we could spread the word fast!

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