Hemp Hearts

I have recently been finding myself wanting to try more healthful options in food. I have to admit, though, I am often put-off by most things in the healthy catagory because I admit to being somewhat intimidated and not sure how to use them. I was given the opportunity to try Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest.

What are Hemp Hearts? They are raw shelled hemp seeds and they are so versatile! You can use them in smoothies, on cereal and baked goods and as a salad topper. They have a wonderful nutty taste and a texture somewhat like sesame seeds.

I used them in place of granola on top of yogurt and fruit, in a parfait. They added such a great texture and flavor!

Hemp Hearts really are great straight out of the bag, though.

Hemp has some wonderful nutrition, only 3 g Carbs per serving and no cholesterol.  It has calcium, Vitamin B6, Iron and magnesium.

Manitoba Harvest uses earth friendly practices in production such as using 100% wind power! Hemp Hearts are Vegan as well.

Who knew that hemp seeds would be so tasty?


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