Holding a Successful Yard Sale

Tips for a successful garage sale- warm weather is here! Get ready to throw a good yard sale with these tips!
Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

With the warm weather upon us, many of us love to go hop from yard sale to yard sale, searching for hidden treasures and amazing bargains. Some of us even have enough to sell after doing a bit of our own spring cleaning. Holding a yard or garage sale can be a great way to get rid of those unwanted possessions, outgrown clothes and toys and make a few bucks on the side.


Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Holding a garage sale can be a daunting project to take on. Many people don’t even know where to start. I have put together some tips on how to hold a successful yard sale.

  • Have reasonable expectations.
  • Check with your city about any restrictions or permits you may need to get in order to hold a sale.
  • Advertise in local newspapers and on sites such as Craigslist. In your ad, note some of the items you think may draw people in such as furniture or tools.
  • On the day of the sale, hang several colorful and bold signs near the sale. Include arrows directing people to your home if possible.
  • Separate clothing by size. Hang some of the nicest items. Make sure the clothes you are selling are clean and free from stains, rips and tears. No one wants to buy clothing that should be made into rags.
  • Mark prices on each item so people don’t need to ask you. You may consider grouping items on tables according to prices.
  • Hold the sale with several other families. It will give you more people to help and allow you to share the costs of the permits/ads.
  • Place larger items like furniture near the street so drive by potential customers can see it.
  • Have boxes, bags and newspaper handy for wrapping up items.
  • Consider doing a “bag sale” for large volumes of clothing. For instance, do $5 a bag.
  • Be aware that some people like to be early birds and will show up an hour or so before you officially open for business. Decide how you will deal with them. Will you allow them to shop or enforce a strict policy that the sale starts on time?
  • Keep money with you at all times. A barista apron is an excellent way to keep it on you.
  • Go get some change before the sale. Get a few 20’s, a few 10’s, several 5’s and a whole lot of 1’s. Also, get coins. You want to be able to make change for people or they may just decide not to buy.
  • Never accept personal checks unless you know the buyer well.
  • Since you are holding a sale in order to get rid of stuff, price accordingly. Nothing is more annoying than going to  a sale where it appears the seller is trying to keep their stuff with overly high prices. Be willing to make deals and allow others to haggle prices within reason.
  • Keep your animals inside if you have them. There will be lots of strangers on your property and this can make your animals feel uncomfortable.
  • Try having a “Free” item from a box with purchase price. This is an extra incentive for people to buy.
  • Have a plan for leftovers. Arrange for pick-up by a charity before hand if you can.

Here’s to hoping your sale is an awesome hit!

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