Holiday Travel Timesavers at the Airport


Traveling any time of the year has it’s stresses, especially if you are flying. You are under a time crunch and there are so many new fees and regulations that you may be left with your head spinning. Here are some tips to help you have less stress at the airport and enjoy your travel time.

  • Make sure you check your plane’s status before you leave your house to head to the airport. With inclement weather around many parts of the country during the holidays, it is good to know if there will be longer waits, layovers and late planes. Just knowing this can help you feel less stressed.
  • Make sure to pack your toiletries in clear bags. This will save time at the security check. Alternatively, you could wait to purchase these until you get to your destination.
  • Make sure you have all your ducks in a row and ready to go at security. This means having your ID, boarding pass, Passport and other identification handy
  • Reduce how much you pack. With high fees for even carry-on luggage as well as the need to check in bags that can take a lot of time, make sure you pack lightly.  Remember, you can always do laundry when you get there, so there is no need to carry more than necessary.
  • Have someone drop you off. Around the holidays, the airport parking lots may be at capacity. To avoid the stress of trying to find parking, have a friend or a taxi drop you off instead.
  • Make sure you have all the arrangements made ahead of time for when you read your destination including rental cars. This will save you time when you get off the plane. It is also a good idea to check with them before you leave to make sure there will be a vehicle waiting for you.
  • Weigh your bags beforehand. This way, you will be able to anticipate what the charges will be and you can also give yourself a chance to lighten your load if need be. Knowing beforehand what your weight is will make the transaction smooth as well.
  • When you are through security, go directly to your gate, even if you have time until boarding. This way, you will not be rushing around trying to find your gate at the last minute and will be able to board with ease.
  • Make sure to keep your airline and car rental as well as hotel info programmed into your phone. That way, if any issue arises, you don’t have to go searching for the numbers and they will already be handy.
  • Download apps that can help with travel details such as your airline’s app. Many allow you to check in as well as check flight delays right from your phone. Also, try out Tripit, Kayak and FlightTrak. These will notify you if there is a change in flights or delays.
  • Know what triggers to scanners at the airport. Generally speaking, jewelry and belts don’t. Also, your tablet most likely won’t either. As far as laptops, you can get them through quicker by getting a TSA approved carry on bag for them.

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