How to be the Perfect House This Halloween for Trick or Treaters

If you went trick or treating as a kid, you probably had one house that was the favorite of neighborhood kids. It was the home that kids talked about for weeks before Halloween because it had become legendary in kid circles. It was more than just a place to ring the doorbell and get a treat because it was more like an adventure or a free haunted house experience. Now, as an adult, you want to be the house that all the neighborhood kids are buzzing about!  Here are some tips on how you can be that house this Halloween and become a legend in your own neighborhood.

How to be the Perfect House This Halloween for Trick or Treaters

Use your yard debris to completely transform your yard for the holiday– Nature can be scary on it’s own. Confession; I was afraid of trees as a toddler and preschooler. Old branches can be spooky and you can cover up ‘new’ graves in your yard with leftover dirt from fall mulching. As you clean your yard up this fall, save old yard debris as it can be great for giving your spooky yard a realistic touch.

Make it welcoming to everyone who dares to visit– Keep in mind that many kids have sensory issues or allergies as well as mobility issues. Be the house that parents can count on and you will score extra points. Provide treats for those with peanut of gluten allergies as well as non-food treats to break up all the sweetness of the evening. Kids and parents will remember and you will be the hero of the night! Also, if you scare isn’t for the littles, have a sign out front that says so along with some treats to warn parents.

Have a good variety of treats to hand out We all know what treats kids are big fans of. If you can afford to splurge on the good stuff, do so. You can even be that house known for giving out full size candy bars if you buy candy in bulk. When I was a kid, there was a neighborhood house known for that and everyone was excited to trick or treat there!


Dress up to hand out the goodies– Get in the spooky spirit by dressing up to match your effort to create a scary house. When you hand out candy try to stay in character. It can really make things seem far more realistic and gets everyone in a spooky mood.

Use what you can find to add to the realness of your spooky yard– A good scare house has something that delights all the senses including sight, sound and even smell if you can swing it. That is part of what makes us scared to begin with! If it feels real, it will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood. Have a fog machine going, some scary sounds and sights and if you can, maybe hire some teenagers to add to the scare-factor by surprising visitors in costume.

Don’t do the same thing every year– if you can afford to and are creative enough, try to pick a different theme every year. This will allow your home to be the one everyone really looks forward to each year because it in an experience that changes every time they go.

Welcome trick or Treators of all Ages– So many homes feel annoyed when older kids are trick or treating. Keep in mind that older kids and even adults trick or treating could be developmentally delayed OR they could just be kids at heart. Trick or treating is just a fun community orientated event. Don’t ruin it by not welcoming all ghosts and goblins of all ages.

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