How to Build a Summer Wardrobe on the Cheap


Everyone knows that with the changing of seasons, there often comes the changing of your wardrobe and when that includes others besides yourself, it can get quite spendy. Here are some tips for updating your summer wardrobe without blowing your vacation fund.


How to Build a Summer Wardrobe on the Cheap


First, keep it simple. Buy lots of solid colors that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe to make numerous outfits. This is especially helpful for young children. This allows them to pick out what they will be wearing easier and you will always know there is something that matches.

Take stock of what you already have that still fits and donate what doesn’t. This helps clear the clutter and make it easier to see what is available. Add to it by using what you have such as buying a pair of shorts to go with that shirt you never wore last year or buying a larger size of shirt to go with the shorts that still fit your child.

Check out 2nd hand stores and yard sales. Just like you, everyone else is probably purging thier closet of stuff that doesn’t fit anymore and may be offering it at a great discount. Make sure to also check out freecyle and Craigslist for sales on lots of clothing.

Alter what you have on hand. A pair of jeans that has the knees blown out by your son can be a great new pair of shorts with a little hemming work. A dress with long sleeves that is too short can work as a great little tunic top with some changes to it. Get creative! You may find yourself loving the piece even more!

Buy basic shoes. Don’t buy shoes that will only go with one or two outfits. Instead, buy flip flops in basic colors like black, brown or grey. They will match nearly everything.


How do you add to your summer wardrobe on the cheap? I would love to hear your tips!

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  1. About 3 times a year, this Thrift store has their .49 sale for each clothing item sale. I have gotten really nice shorts and tops and I have a lot of nice outfits summer already. I also like going to yard sales and have found a lot of nice clothes really cheap. Thanks for your tips they really help.

    1. I can’t wait to go check out some yard sales here. We just moved here at the end of “yard sale season” and didn’t get a chance to go last year so I am super excited to explore now!

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