How to Cover a Nasty Blemish {Tutorial}

I am in my 30’s and one would think I am done with “zits”, but for me and a lot of women my age, that is not the case. I don’t get them a lot any more, but every month, like clockwork as soon as the monthly visitor arrives, my skin hates me. I have combination skin, so my skin is oily in the “T-Zone” and dry everywhere else. I rarely get blemishes on my cheeks. They really like to make their appearance on my chin, though. They like to bring their buddies for a party as well and camp out for a week or so.

Since this has been a monthly issue for me, I have gotten pretty good at using makeup to cover a nasty blemish. I would like to share my secrets for not only covering them, but helping them heal faster as well.

As you can see from the picture below, I have a nice big, red jerk of a zit hanging out on my chin currently. You can also see that I am wearing no makeup at all. Yes, my eyebrows really are sparse and hardly there. This is why I have to really fill them in to look right.

100_3406 100_3410

I am not impressed with my zitty chin.

To start, I will tell you the products I use. I use from left to right; Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation, Olay Total Effects 7 in one tone corrector, Belleme pressed powder and a mineral finisher.


First, use the Rimmel Clean finish to cover a nasty blemish. Just pat it on with the paddle that comes with it. Use your CLEAN (Your hands should always be clean when applying makeup to avoid more breakouts and avoid upsetting the ones you have more!) fingertip to pat, not rub the foundation on the affected area.



Next, Apply the Olay Total Effects 7 in one to your face to even out your skin tone. This will work best in areas of dryness since it is not only a tint, but also a moisturizer and sunscreen. Make sure to work it from the face down into the neck area until it is blended.


Third, apply a light dusting of Belleme Pressed powder.


Last, finish it off with Mineral Powder finisher to seal in the look.



Finished “pre-eyebrow look”


Final Look

Please note, too, that you should not be caking on each product. If you use each one lightly, you will not feel like you are wearing makeup. It is also important to note that you should change shades of foundation in the seasons. Many people end up with that line around their face. I call it the “foundation mask”. This happens when you don’t change your foundation shade to go with your lightening/darkening of your skin in the summer to winter and poor blending.

To help heal up your blemishes fast, I recommend trying the Clear Rayz device and applying triple antibacterial ointment at night. I always find that the ointment really helps with those big nasty ones that refuse to heal.

So, do you have a beauty secret for treating pimples you would like to share?

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