How to Create the Perfect Meditation Area

How to Create The Perfect Meditation Area- Create a spot to find your inner chi and calm your worries that's perfect for meditation right in your home!


If you want to start using meditation as a way to de-stress, calm your inner worries and find your chi, you need a place to do it effectively. Sure you can do it almost anywhere, and people do, but a place to specifically do it is special and often needed. If you are trying to get into the habit of meditating, assigning a specific spot to meditate can help you along the way. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money or have a specific room if you don’t have the space, just a corner will do. Here are some tips to create the perfect meditation area.

How to Create the Perfect Meditation Area

Make sure it smells nice– You want your meditation area to not be offensive to any of your senses and that includes your sense of smell. If you have your meditation area in a spot that there would be food scents, such as near a kitchen, try to pick a better spot. You also need to be able to provide your own scents. This a a great spot for a diffuser for essential oils.

Provide comfortable spots to sit or lay down– Get some comfortable floor pillows, a yoga mat or any things that bring you comfort. You need to be as comfortable as possible when meditating so you can focus on your breath rather than something jabbing your or pinching you or putting pressure on a spot on your leg. I also like to use my Biomat for meditation. It creates a nice warming sensation and since it helps with transferring ions to my body, it is perfect for mediation.

Make sure you have access to fresh air– Fresh air will not only help you do your breathing exercises that initially relax you in your state of meditation, but will keep your meditation room from becoming too hot and stuffy as well.

Try to choose a spot that you can do it undisturbed– For many people, this will be hard. I am lucky in the respect that I have a few spots in my home that allow me to be alone if I need to. It is important to find a spot that lets you have some privacy and undisturbed time so you can stay in your relaxed state as long as you need or want to.

Make it clutter free– I don’t know about you, but clutter tends to make me full of anxiety. I can’t even sleep at night if I know my house is a mess unless I am beyond exhausted. Keeping your meditation area as clutter free as possible is one important aspect to consider so you can have a clear mind.

Have a way to listen to sounds– I just listen to the Pandora “Yoga Meditation” channel when I meditate as it has wonderful sounds like babbling brooks and flutes. Try to find a way for you to listen to music that helps you relax when you meditate.

Have some things near your space that are special to you– I keep pictures of people I love, a couple of spiritual elements and some decorative things in my meditation space to create a sense of happiness. I also have a few minerals and stones in my space as well.


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I just started teaching one of my friends how to meditate and I’m sure he’ll appreciate this added info 🙂 (Also, I can use the info for my own meditation sessions).

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