How to Grow Ginger as a Houseplant


One thing my husband loves is ginger. He uses fresh ginger in his tea and he loves to add it to various recipes. Ginger is very low cost so this isn’t an issue, but did you know that ginger is also a nice looking houseplant as well and very easy to grow? Growing ginger indoors is a very simple way to have an almost endless source of fresh ginger as well. They don’t need or like direct sunlight so they do perfect inside. If you are wanting to grow some ginger of your own indoors, here are some tips on how to grow ginger as a houseplant.

How to Grow Ginger as a Houseplant

First, you will need to get the right kind of ginger root. You will need a good piece that is bought at a health food or natural food store if possible so it’s likely to be organic. The reason is, many places have ginger root with chemicals on them that act as a growth inhibitor. Natural food store ginger generally has natural growth inhibitors, too, and in the next step you will see how to get rid of them in both cases no matter where you buy.

Take your ginger and soak it in a bowl of water for 24-48 hours. This hydrates the root as well as gets rid of the growth inhibitors. It is vital for planting. If you skip this step, your ginger may not grow at all.

Next, fit the right pot. Ginger’s roots grow horizontally. So a deep pot is not nessisary, but a wide one is. I like to use a shallow one made for fairy gardens or succulents. Make sure there are drain holes. Fill your pot with moist, rich soil.

Don’t bury your ginger too far. You can and should leave it almost uncovered. Ginger grows close to the surface. The most important thing is to keep to soil and root moist. Your ginger should not be soaked, but you should keep it wet. I suggest using a water bottle to give it a good spray daily.

Be aware that ginger is not fast growing. It is completely normal for you to not see any shoots growing for 3-4 weeks. Allow your ginger to have a warm place in your home with indirect or partial sunlight for best results.


In case you are wondering, yes, you can grow turmeric this way as well!


How to Grow Ginger as a Houseplant- Ginger is an easy plant to grow indoors and in any climate so you can have ginger for cooking any time!



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