How to Make Felt Succulents (Plus, Where to Buy Rad Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day!)

I have admired the site Uncommon Goods for a while. I was so excited when they asked to work with me to help show my readers where to find the raddest mother’s day gifts. Uncommon Goods is a site that really encompasses all that I personally stand for. They believe in paying fair wages, working with small manufacturers to sell green and sustainable products (free from animal fur!) as well as creators of the B Corporation. This is an organization that helps them educate customers about the impact their purchases have. And they all of this while staying excellent and having some of the coolest stuff.

I love making gifts and this Felt Succulent Kit sold by Craft Crush on Uncommon Goods is a perfect way for those of us that are crafty, but maybe a tad bit craft impaired at the same time. I felt great about making these felt succulents and thought they turned out excellent and the kit is pretty fool-proof.

How to Make Felt Succulents

You will Need:

Craft Crush Felt Succulent kit from Uncommon Goods (click here)


To make them:

This kit is so easy! You get pre-cut succulent pieces and you basically just roll them up and secure them with a rubber band, which is also included in the kit.

The funnest part was adding a touch of color with the chalk that came in the kit. I really think it adds an extra dimension.

I arranged my succulents on the tray that it comes with and hung it on the wall. The kit or the finished product would be a great gift for cactus and succulent loving moms everywhere.


In addition to  this kit, I also got a Plush Organ Lung for my stepdaughter to remind her to just breathe. These can be found on Uncommon Goods, too as well as other geeky gifts right here. If you are looking for a more traditional mother’s day gift, make sure you check out the kitchenware section. There were some pretty amazing things there.

No matter who you are shopping for, you can find someone for everyone on Uncommon Goods. They have an amazing gifts selection.


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