How to Organize When You Don’t Have A lot Of Space

With this move, I had to downsize a ton. We have far less space for organizing and storing and it was quite a task. I quickly learned some ways to organize with very little room and wanted to share with you my tips in case you find yourself in the same place as me.



  • For organizing Children’s rooms:

So far the best thing I have found to save space is to buy tubs with lids. They can be stacked neatly and can help keep the mess under control. What is also great about them is, it doesn’t matter what chaos you have going on in them, they look nice.

For clothing, when you don’t have a whole lot of room for dressers, try getting those colorful crates that interlock. I stacked some 4 high in my daughter’s room and neatly folded her t-shirts, pajamas and sweats on them. They are colorful and go well with the decor in her room.


  • For the Pantry:

We just have a coat closet and not an actual pantry, so I had to improvise. I bought neutral colored crates and again stacked them. I put canned goods, boxed dishes and snacks on them.

Get an over the door shoe rack with the see through pockets. You can store sauce mixes, spices and small snacks such as granola bars in them and they take up very little space. What is great about these as well is you can see what is in them to keep an eye on inventory and easily find what you need. Kids can easily see and grab snacks.


  • For the Bathroom:

A colorful, patterned over the door shoe organizer also works well here. I place my makeup, nail polish and beauty tools in it. You can even separate everything out in categories; eyeshadow, blush, eye pencils etc.

Use small tubs under the sink to organize cleaning products as well as other healthcare items such as mouthwash and soaps.


  • For the Kitchen:

Use a bowl for fruit.  It makes it easy for your family to see and eat and takes up less space in the fridge.

Get a Lazy Susan for coffee and tea supplies. This will not only keep them handy, but keep them in a smaller space. A two tier Lazy Susan works really well for maximum space-saving.



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