How to Save Money on Organic Coffee

I will admit it- I’m not a big coffee fan, however, my husband would hook himself up to an IV of it if he could, and he doesn’t just want any coffee, but organic or fair trade coffee that doesn’t “hurt the orangutans”. I’ll get into that last part in a minute because I think it’s important I don’t skip over it, however, you are most likely here to find out how to save money on organic coffee so I want to make sure I get to that point as well.


Why You Should Care Where Your Coffee Comes From (Save the Orangutans)

The story of why it matters where you get your coffee in reference to orangutans could be a blog post on it’s own, but I will try to keep it short and to the point. Basically, buying coffee from areas like the Sumatra, leads to orangutan death because these wonderful animals are losing their homes by the thousands of acres for coffee production (as well as the palm oil industry) because Sumatran coffee is marketed as exotic. Additionally, this is one of the only places in the world they live.  Did you know that at the rate they are losing their homes, in as little as 10 years, they could be extinct? Find more information on orangutans and how you can help orangutans here.


How to Save Money on Organic Coffee

Buy it from a drive through that offers frequent buyers clubs– Due to public demand, many coffee shops and stands offer a fair trade or organic coffee brand. Most of the time, these same shops offer frequent buyers clubs or old fashioned punch cards so you can get a free one every once in a while.

Think outside the box and go for drip coffee– You may think fast food restaurants and gas stations have some awful coffee choices, but many of them actually have changed. I was recently in Holiday (a gas station chain in this part of the country) and I saw they now offer a fair trade organic coffee from a non-Sumatra region. They give away free coffee on Tuesdays, too! I also heard that McDonald’s now offers sustainable fair trade coffee. Buying a cheap drip coffee from these places might actually be a good idea.

Buy it online– You can save money by purchasing your organic coffee from Amazon, too. There are some brands that you can save on even more when you add them to your pantry orders and you might even be able to get free shipping with Prime, too.

Buy in bulk at co-ops– At my local co-op, you can buy organic coffee for fairly cheap especially of you buy it in the bulk section. Co-ops also have more buying power in some areas that allows them to get deeper discounts with local roasters.

Look for coupons for organic coffee– There are many organic coffee brands that are new these days since consumers have really started demanding more organic options. For you this means there are lots of coupons out there, too, from brands trying to get you to become loyal to them. I see coupons for coffee on iBotta as well as many websites online by simply Googling “Organic Coffee Coupons”.

Buy store brands– More and more store brands are offering organic and fair trade coffee options now. Consider taking another look at your favorite store brands.

Join Thrive and get FREE organic coffee– Have you heard of Thrive Market? It’s an online organic grocery store where you can save up to 50% off your favorite brands. You do have to pay a small membership fee to buy, because you get wholesale prices, but the savings are worth it. You also get free shipping on orders over $49. The membership fee is only $59.95 a year and that also sponsors a membership for a low income family. HOWEVER, I can offer readers of Saved By Grace FREE Coffee with any order over $29 PLUS a free 30 day trial! Click below to take advantage of this awesome deal and get even more coffee (and other items!) savings throughout the year!


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  1. I love coffee and trust me this post is meant for me. 😉 When I saw this post, my quick reaction was.. OMG, How, I want to know ?? 😀

  2. Awesome share. This post is just for the coffee lovers and I am one of them. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous share. Keep up with the good work in the future as well. Saving money on organic coffee brands is essential.

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