How to Teach Your Child to Love Nature

Samantha is sharing tips on how to teach your child to love nature. I grew up in Montana and nature was and still is a big part of my life then and now.



How to Encourage Your Child to Love Nature


In this age of TV, computers, and electronic gadgets, children are not being exposed to the simple pleasures of exploring nature. Their busy schedules of school and extra-curricular activities leave them with little time to play outdoors. And even if they do, neighborhoods have become so built up that there are almost no grassy areas left for them to enjoy. Even parks and playgrounds are often too structured and sculpted to invite curious exploration. Children are missing out on a very essential part of childhood, connecting with nature. This lack of time in nature is hurting their physical and mental health and hampering their creativity.


Why Children Need to Connect with Nature?


  • Spending time in nature helps create a sense of wonder which will carry over to other areas of their life.
  • Connecting with nature helps children engage all their senses.
  • Life has become too structured and children are denied the opportunity to explore and learn on their own.
  • According to specialists, the opportunity to explore nature helps children improve their attention span and learning ability.
  • Research has shown that spending time outdoors helps to reduce symptoms of ADD in children.
  • Spending time outside allows children to get fresh air and exercise, important to help them keep physically and mentally fit.


What You Can Do to Encourage Your Child to Connect with Nature?


There are many things that parents can do to help their child develop a love for nature.

1. Start young. If you love spending time outside, it is easy to help your child develop this love as well. Encourage them to play in the garden. Let them study and play with leaves, flowers, rocks, etc. Teach them the names of trees, insects, birds, and animals.

2. Get them out in the garden. A great way to help your child connect to nature is to get them to help you in the garden. Let them get dirty and dig into the soil where they will discover different kinds of insects, worms, and other creatures. Show them how to care for plants as they grow and develop. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about nature first hand. You can also help them set up a bird or butterfly feeder in the garden.

3. Take them to Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks. Take a trip to a national park each year as a regular part of their summer vacation. Plan a picnic or outing to parks around your city. Introduce them to the joys of hiking.

4. Awaken their curiosity. Encourage your child to observe their surroundings. Give them books or coloring books about nature and wildlife. Take them to museums and libraries.

5. Encourage them to get a hobby. Give them a magnifying glass or a pair of binoculars. Teach them to observe nature and take notes on what they notice. Have them sketch what they see. Buy your child field guides to the common animals, birds, or trees in your area and help them identify plants and animals they see.

How to Teach your Child to Love Nature- Children are naturally curious and nature offers plenty of opportunities to learn! A love for nature is lifelong.

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  1. All kids should spend as much time as possible outdoors. When the last generation were growing up, we were healthy, never got ill, and were out playing all day long

  2. mornez rivera says: Reply

    It’s so true. Thanks for the post.

  3. Harvindar K Grewal says: Reply

    I really like your blog and idea for teaching kids to love nature ….thank you for sharing with us.

  4. In the tech-savvy world of today, such articles are a must-read. Kids are always into mobiles phones and tablets. Thank you for bringing up such a brilliantly put article.
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