iCoffee Makes Perfection

I was given an iCoffee by Remington in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Have you heard of the iCoffee by Remington? It is the newest buzz in the coffee lover’s circuits. Forget french presses, pod machines and the old fashioned drip coffee maker. The iCoffee is far above those.

The iCoffee by Remington works by steaming the coffee rather than just running hot water over it as a drip coffee maker does. The result? An amazing,  non-bitter and smooth cup of Joe.

Please watch my video below for a demonstration on how the iCoffee works:


The iCoffee is very easy to operate. It is similar to how a drip coffee maker is to set up. The inner parts are easy to clean and you can adjust your coffee to be as bold or as mild as you desire. One of the best things about the iCoffee in my opinion, is, the fact that you don’t have to buy expensive pods for it. You can use your favorite coffee, bought in regular form in bags or tubs or even fresh ground. This makes it more economical that other top rated coffee makers on the market.


I really appreciated the extras on this machine. I liked watching the coffee’s crema form in the window and I liked how the machine included the optional basket to catch the coffee “sludge”. This sludge is the reasons I hate French Presses and the iCoffee eliminated that for me while providing an exceptional cup of java.

One of the drawbacks to the iCoffee that I discovered was there is no specific amount you are told to put in to make a pot of coffee. I had to learn through trial and error on how to adjust my coffee in order to get it just as I like it.

The iCoffee would make an amazing gift and retails for around $199. While this is steep in price, keep in mind that this really does make the best coffee I have personally ever had and there are no expensive pods or packs to buy.  You use your favorite coffee in traditional ground form.

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