Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kid’s Room


Is your kid excited to have a bedroom designed according to his or her taste? Then as a parent you must also make all possible efforts to make your kid happy by decorating the way they want it to be. Ask your kid what they actually want and then conceptualize what and how needs to be done. Depending on the theme of the bedroom the budget may vary considerably. Here are some tips to spruce up kids bedroom:

1. Bright colored window treatments: Use colorful curtains in your kids room to spice it up. The room will surely look cleaner and sharper with colorful curtains. Ensure that the color you use match well with the motif of the bedroom. To reduce the light that enters the room you can even use valance.

2. Use toys as décor: It is a great idea to use child’s toys as décor as they are very colorful and come in various shapes and sizes. This will also save storage hassles as you can hang the large toys and use open shelves for small toys. You can even add colorful baskets in the room to keep the toys to keep the room neat and tidy.

3. Decorate the ceiling: Decorate the ceiling of the room by adding glow in dark items. They will surely love gazing the stars while they are about to sleep. You can even paint the ceiling in your child’s favorite theme.

4. Cover the floor: In all possibilities your kid will sit down to play therefore it is important to protect your kid’s feet, knees and other body parts. Pick broadloom carpet that suits the design of the body. Pick the carpets that are colorful and soft. You can easily find carpets in hopscotch design and snakes and ladder designs. Buy them to add fun element in the room.

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