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I got my Instant pot for Christmas. I am officially in the legion of Instant Pot lovers. It seems almost like some secret society that isn’t very secret that you join when you buy an Instant Pot and only then do you get it. I have to say, folks, the Instant Pot is changing my life. I know that sounds like some sort of late night infomercial quote, but it’s absolutely true. In fact, I am considering buying another one. Soon, my slow cooker and stove will be obsolete.

If you don’t know what an Instant Pot is, I can tell you that it is basically an electric pressure cooker that has magic added to it (actually, no magic, it just feel  like it). It does the work of a slow cooker in less than a quarter of the time. Food comes out so good you will wonder how you did without it.

But, enough about how amazing this life changer is, let’s talk about how delicious my winter vegetable soup is. This soup came about because I have a stepdaughter that is vegan and I am always looking for ways to alter recipes and make them more vegan friendly. While I opted not to make this one vegan, I know it can easily be made this way by a simple switch of the chicken broth for vegetable broth.


This soup is hardy and has a lot of flavor and since everything in it is in season right now, it cost me less than $8 to make this entire pot. I love how economical soup is! Let’s get started.


Instant Pot Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe

You will Need:

1 Can of White Beans

1 Can of Dark Red Kidney Beans

4 Cups Chicken Stock, Organic or Homemade

2 1/2 Cups Water

1 Bunch of Green Kale

1 Small Head of Cauliflower

1/2 Onion

1 Tablespoon Vegetable oil

1 tablespoon Granulated Garlic

Salt and Pepper to Taste

To Make Instant Pot Winter Vegetable Soup:

Chop the onion and set in the Instant pot with the 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil. Place your Instant Pot on the Saute Setting and sweat the onions.

Break apart the cauliflower into bite sized chunks by hand.

Drain and rinse the beans and set aside.

Add your beans to the Instant Pot.


Add in the cauliflower on top. Break the kale up by hand. I like to use this Kale Trimmer by Chef’n. It is super fast and easy.



Pour your chicken stock and water in. Add your garlic and salt and pepper. I like to hold off on adding as much seasoning until after it is done cooking since I can add it more to taste at that point. The Instant pot will really bring out a lot of flavor of the vegetables!


Set your Instant Pot on the ‘Soup’ Setting and let it do it’s thing. This setting is 1/2 hour and it needs to come up to pressure so it takes about 40 minutes.

When the time is up, vent your instant Pot according to instructions. DO NOT FORCE LID OPEN.

Open your lid when it is completely vented and give it a quick stir. Taste the broth with a spoon and add more seasoning if desired.




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