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Summer is almost upon us and that means busy times for most kids (Moms and Dads, too!) Day camp, sports, sleep-overs..seems like the going never stops!

Don’t lose your kid’s clothing or other important items this summer in all the hustle. With Kidecals, your kids can have personalized labels for their belongings and you no longer have to spend a ton of time marking things with permanent markers!


Kidecals are durable. You can wash them and they stay put! Think of all the places you could stick them from backpacks to clothes and even water bottles and medications! Make sure you make your child’s allergies known with the allergies Kidecal labels, too!


Kidecals are fun, too! When I was a kid, I loved personalized things and Kidecals allow your child to express who they are with fun sticker themes such as ladybugs, sports and even mustaches!

You will not run out of ways to use Kidecals custom labels.

Best part? Shipping is always free!

Readers of Saved By Grace can save 15% by using code bestlabels!


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