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staying in touch with Walmart Family Mobile

I grew up in Missoula, Montana. The first time I left was when I joined the Army, which didn’t work out for many reasons and the second time was when I was sewing my wild oats and ran off to Portland, OR at the age of 18. Neither times I left were good experiences. I knew I wanted to get out of Missoula, even though I will always consider it home, but it took me until I was happily married and at the age of 31 to do it. I moved with my then 10 year old daughter and my husband to Spokane, WA in August of 2013. The move was stressful and one thing I worried about was being able to keep in contact with those I love. I knew there were probably more cell phone plans where I was going, so to me, that meant there were probably more affordable options. I was very happy when I found out about lowest priced unlimited plans with Walmart Family Mobile.


The plans start at $29.88 for unlimited talk, and text and go up only $10 to $39.88 for the addition of unlimited web/data. For my family, this is perfect. We can add up to 5 additional lines that all have Unlimited Talk Text and Web/Data.

Since my daughter is 11 now, she has been begging for a smart phone. I think this is so important to her because she has had this ritual of talking to my mom, her grandma, every night since we moved here. They talk about everything and nothing all at the same time. She does have a very basic phone, but it isn’t an android. She saw me picking up the Alcatel Onetouch Evolve to upgrade my phone and her eyes got really big. She loves all the “cool ringtones” and the fact that it has QWERTY keyboard and of course, that she can play angry birds on it as well as fruit ninja. I think it would also make a great gift for Grammas for Mother’s day to stay in touch, but she is more focused on all the awesome stuff the phone can do.

walmart family mobile plans

I made a deal with her. If she has a good report card by the end of this school year, she can have my old phone, which is an android and also from the Walmart Family Mobile line of phones. She just told me she got an A on her Science test. I’d say she is well on her way to earning it.

Having a phone is so much more to both my daughter and I than just what it looks like on the surface. For me, it’s piece of mind. It’s knowing that if I make a quick run to the store or let her go out to play in the neighborhood, I can reach her. It’s knowing that she can all me when ever she needs to. It’s being able to share joys and sadness to the people I love like my mom from two states away.

family mobile

For her, keeping in touch with both myself and my mom is on her top priority. Moving was so hard on all of us and this service through Walmart Family Mobile has really been a lifesaver because it allows us all to stay in budget and most importantly, to stay in touch.I think this ritual of talking to “Gramma”, as she calls my mom, was a big help in allowing her to adjust to this move.

alcatel onetouch Evolve

Thank you to #FamilyMobile and #CollectiveBias for this amazing opportunity to share how important this service has been in my life since the move.

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  1. My kids are obsessed with Angry Birds and Fruit Ninjas too. They also love Cut the Rope. I love how much she enjoys staying in touch with her grandma. Those bonds are one to cherish. #client
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    1. Hehe, I love cut the rope! I just recently discovered that one and I am hooked!

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