Kick Up Your Coffee Routine!

As a kid, I saw all adults drinking coffee. I figured it was just something adults did. I remember the first taste of coffee I had. I was 7 years old, I believe and my grandpa let me taste his coffee. I remember how bitter it was and how I didn’t like it.

I have never been a big coffee fan, even as an adult, but I find that if I play around with it, I love it! I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis, still, but I do enjoy a cup every now and then. My husband has told me I make an awesome cup of joe as well!


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In this post, I have included all I have learned since being married to my coffee-addicted husband. I hope you find yourself kicking up your coffee routine with some of my tips and tricks!

Making Coffee

Use distilled water for the best and smoothest cup of coffee you have ever tried

Kick up the flavor with home-made flavor blends. Try adding cinnamon, Nutmeg, or flavored extracts such as almond or chocolate to your grounds before you brew.

Don’t throw out your old coffee. Just refrigerate and you can have iced coffee later!

Warm your mug on the top of your maker. When your coffee is brewed, you will have a nice, warm mug to place it in!

Consider getting a grinder and grinding your own as you need it.

Try out other ways to make it. We have so many gadgets here that make awesome coffee. We have french presses and an Aeropress.

Keep those supplies in top shape

Clean your pot with vinegar. Just pour in a small pot of vinegar and run the cycle. Follow with a pot or 2 of plain water. This will help remove hard water inside your maker and make it last longer and brew better tasting coffee!

Clean hard water spots from your pot by placing salt (kosher works best) and ice in it. Gently swish it around and rinse out with warm water.

Properly Store Your Coffee

Freeze your coffee beans and grounds. It will keep them fresher, longer and doesn’t need any thawing to use it right away!

Avoid storing it in the bags they come in. Get an airtight container.


I hope these tips help you wake up to the best cup of joe you have ever made!



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