Kitchen Hacks- Tested!

8 Kitchen Hacks-Tested

I am sure if you have spent any time on Pinterest, you have undoubtedly heard of many “life hacks” for the kitchen. A life hack is a trick that you may have not known about using common objects, or sense, in some cases, to make life easier. I decided to test out some of these kitchen hacks and let you know how well they worked!

Kitchen Hacks-Tested!

Hack #1:Place a mug of warm water in the microwave with food you are re-heating to keep it moist and from drying out.”

This actually worked very well. I heated up some enchiladas from the night before this way. Usually, the edges of the enchiladas get crusty, hard and inedible. This kept them soft and delicious! Just be sure to use a microwave safe mug and potholders to remove it as it will get very hot.


Hack #2: “The hole in your pot’s handle is there to hold a cooking utensil”

This only works if your utensil is the right size, but it does work pretty well as long as the opening is part of the handle’s design and not a hook on the end.


Hack #3: “Place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot of liquid to keep it from boiling over.”

This worked for some things and not others. For boiling water, it worked beautifully. For my soup, not so much.


Hack #4 “Put Pancake batter into a ketchup bottle for no-mess dispensing”

While I do this sometimes to make fun pancake shapes, the process of getting it in and out (when you clean) of the bottle is anything but clean and smooth sailing even with a funnel.


Hack #5: “When heating leftovers, make a hole in the center to have it heat evenly.”

This does actually work. But, this will only work with stuff you can make a hole in to begin with.


Hack #6:Fill ice trays with leftover coffee and freeze so you can add it to iced coffee and not have it get watered down.”

This is an excellent trick and works very well. It is also great for making coffee smoothies at home. Just throw these babies into a blender with some cold milk, sugar and chocolate syrup and you put Starbucks to shame.


Hack #7: “When microwaving popcorn, first break up the kernels in the bag before placing into the microwave so you will have less unpopped kernels.”

At first, this was working for me. I have actually been doing this for years. Now, unless it is very plain popcorn, it seems to not work as well. I still do it out of habit, though.


Hack #8: “When boiling eggs, to test if it is done spin it on the counter. If it doesn’t wobble, it is done.”

This one is actually very accurate. Be aware though, you should use a potholder to touch the egg.   I made the mistake of not doing that once, and it wasn’t pretty.


Have you tried any Kitchen Hacks you have seen around the webosphere with success? I would love to hear about it!

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