Low Cost Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

A new season is here and that means you may need to update your wardrobe. If you are anything like me, you love to stay somewhat in style and keep with the trends but don’t have the cash to lay down on a whole new wardrobe every 3 months.


What’s a woman to do?

There are some simple, yet low cost ways, to update your style without putting a wad of cash on the sales counter or going into debt. Check out these ideas and see if they work for you and your budget!

Low Cost Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

Here are some simple ways I have found to update what you already have:

  • Buy a few pieces of costume jewelry to go with what you already have and stick with the new trends. Adding a bright necklace or ring can really make your clothes look new.
  • Modify what you already have. I don’t have a lot of skills when it comes to sewing, but if you do, add patches to jeans, distress them yourself or turn an old t-shirt into something new with a few cuts.
  • Use what you wore for one season and modify it for the next one. For instance, if you have a cute sundress, simply add a wrap around sweater or a pair of leggings underneath with a cute pair of boots.
  • Hit up thrift shops. You may just find that perfect shirt or skirt to wear with a cute piece you already own to update it.
  • Try adding a hat or a scarf. A simple addition of either of these can turn a boring white fitted T-shirt into a great top. Tie a scarf around your waist as a belt and give your jeans an update.
  • Look in your husband’s closet. Pair a man’s button down top with cute jeans and some heels and you have a new favorite outfit.
  • Buy a bold pair of shoes. I have a pair of animal print heels that make any outfit look new.
  • Get an amazing broach and turn a boring blouse into something to talk about.
  • Try a subscription style service. You try stuff on at home and with many of these services, you can set the price of what you are looking for in your budget and get everything from shoes, to outfits and accessories. You simply send back what you don’t want and pay for what you do. Check out Stitch Fix, Nadine west and check sites like Dia and Co for plus size.

How do you update your look when the season changes?

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