Make Tonight a Family Game Night

When I was a kid, I loved to play board games and I was excited to be able to bring that tradition to my own daughter. She and I love to spend at least one weekend a month playing board games. With electronics taking our lives so much, it is great to be able to “unplug” and do this special family time together.

According to this info-graphic, we are not the only ones who try to do a family game night as often as we can:

How can you do a family game night? Check out these tips:

*Buy games on sale this Christmas season. Make them “gifts” to the family.

*Use a snow day at school or a rainy day as a chance to get together and do your game time.

*Schedule your game night and make a commitment to stick to the time.

*Feel free to customize your games and make rules that you allow as a family. This will make the time special and unique.

For more tips and ways you can create a family game night, check out the Family Game Night blog.



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