D.I.Y. Natural Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a staple of any mom’s gear. While most people use it a lot during the cold and flu season, it is still important to have on hand for the summer. I use it for outdoor picnics when there is no facilities nearby to wash hands before eating or on camping trips and even after trips to the park.

While it is generally reasonably priced, it can also dry your hands out. Try this easy recipe for making your own hand sanitizer that will work and not be as drying on skin.

diy natural hand sanitizer

D.I.Y. Natural Hand Sanitizer

To Make Hand Sanitizer, You will Need:

This is the easiest recipe in the world because you simply mix the ingredients together and place them in small containers. I re-use containers from cosmetics and even small toiletry containers. Make sue you wash them out well and that they have a tight fitting lid An old squeeze bottle is ideal.

Using a funnel might make it easier to get it into the containers as well.

If you find your mix is not as thick as you want, feel free to adjust with a teaspoon at a time of the Aloe Vera gel until you get the consistency you want. Just as with store bought sanitizers, you only need a small amount to use. You can also make smaller containers that fit in your pocket, backpack or purse.

The Aloe Vera gel will keep your hands softer than a regular hand sanitizer would and the essential oils make it smell refreshing as well as being used for natural antiseptic properties. Feel free to try another combination of scents if you want to! I suggest citrus essential oils as well.

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  1. Hi Christine, I was wondering if it would be okay to use witch hazel that contained alcohol, I can’t find the non-alcohol version in my supermarket. Thanks!

    1. Sure, you can use that kind, but it may be a little more drying that the other formula. 🙂

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