Making Babies Book and DVD set

There are some times I find myself loving a whole bunch of books by one publisher. One of those is No Greater Joy**.

I have read several books that Mike and Debi Pearl have put out, mostly, by Debi.

Mike and Debi have several grown children and one of them is Shoshanna.

Shoshanna Easling owns her own herb store online called The Bulk Herb Store (Also where you can find herbs and growing tools as well as this book and DVD series!) and has been working with herbs since she was a child with her mother, Debi.

She created a wonderful book that I think a lot of women will find very useful in their child-bearing years called the “Making Babies” series.

The series is a book, “Making Babies” and a three part DVD series with the same name.

I watched the entire almost 7 hours of the DVDS and currently I am not even trying to conceive! I just loved it that much!

The book is wonderful. It is filled with healthy recipes, herbal remedies, gorgeous pictures,earth friendly tips and crunchy notes! It is full color with glossy photos. It is a beautiful book full of nearly 500 pages of nature inspired advice for anyone trying to conceive, already pregnant or just had a baby.

As I said, I am currently not trying to conceive, but even I loved all the recipes and herbal remedies. The book is so useful!

The DVD series is just wonderful. Shoshanna is funny, bubbly and friendly. She takes you through your pregnancy from per-conception to birth to 6 months.

There is over 7 hours of footage on this DVD series!

The book sells for $35.00 and the DVD series is $75.00

The info inside both of these wonderful media products is priceless though! It has changed my opinion on healthy living, that’s for sure!

There are so many tips, tricks, hints and recipes. This is the PERFECT gift for the expectant couple in your life! This series is simply genius and even the most “resistant” person to the “Crunchy momma movement” will love it! God certainly blessed Shoshanna with wonderful talent in writing and creating herbal remedies.

Readers, I will be giving away a complete set worth $110.00 including the three part DVD series and the Hardcover book on June 29th right here on my blog! Make sure you come back and enter to win not only that, but a wonderful gift package for a new momma!

(**No Greater Joy is NOT the publisher of this particular book. The Bulk Herb Store LLC is)


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