Expanded Giveaway/Review policies

Thank you for choosing to work with Saved By Grace blog on a product review/giveaway. This document outlines my policies and responsibilities for product reviews and giveaways. I expect you, the advertiser, to understand these policies before sending Christine Tolhurst any products to review or setting up a giveaway. By agreeing to work with me, you verify that you have read and understood the policies and you agree to them.

Review Policy:

  • Book reviews take up to six (6) weeks to review, but may take more or less time depending on the type of book. If you have a deadline, you are expected to let me know ahead of time.
  • No products will be returned. The products sent become the property of Christine Tolhurst.
  • For most products, please allow up to one month from the date I receive the item for the review to be posted. If you have a deadline, this must be discussed prior to agreement to review. In the case of gift guides, I work my best to get them posted sooner.
  • Product review items must be worth at least $25.00 retail value, NOT including the cost of shipping. In some cases, such as books, the item may be worth less. This is to be discussed prior to my agreeing to review if you have a special circumstance.
  • Christine Tolhurst will not pay for shipping of products to be reviewed, nor is she responsible for products she does not receive.
  • Christine Tolhurst is under no obligation to write a review on a product that was not what was discussed or has poor performance. If you, the advertiser, desires, she will post a negative review, but will always discuss any issues prior to going live with the post.
  • Christine Tolhurst will not pay for items to be reviewed, unless she feels the item will be a good fit for paying to be reviewed. However, in general, she will not pay for review products.
  • Items sent to for review will include a full disclosure, no follow links and will be clearly marked as a review on her blog, Saved By Grace.
  • Items sent  for review will be full sized products. No “sample” or “Trial” sizes will be accepted.
  • You will not hold Christine Tolhurst legally responsible for any negative commentary on her blog or outside of it, nor any negative “buzz” her review generates. Christine Tolhurst always gives her honest thoughts and opinions on products sent for review.

Giveaway Policy:

  • Giveaway products will not be purchased or paid for.
  • Shipping will not be paid for on any prizes. This means that you will be shipping directly to the winner, provided by Christine Tolhurst. If you send me a giveaway item, it will become property of Christine Tolhurst.
  • A widget will be set up or another way to enter on the blog, at blog owner’s discretion, for a discussed duration. Typical duration for giveaways will be for 7-10 days, unless you require a different time frame.
  • Christine Tolhurst is not responsible for awarding prizes. This is the responsibility of the advertiser.
  • A random winner will be chosen, over the age of 18, and entries will be verified.
  • Christine Tolhurst will send the advertiser a winner’s name and mailing address in a reasonable amount of time after the end of the giveaway period. You are agreeing to send a prize to the winner in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Giveaways can be do-follow links ONLY if they are posted separately from the review for the product.
  • There is a fee for hosting a giveaway with no product sent to blog owner for review.
  • Unless discussed and agreed to, Christine Tolhurst nor Saved By Grace blog make any promises to have other bloggers promote giveaways.
  • Unless discussed, giveaway prizes must meet the minimum prize value of $20.00
  • Christine Tolhurst will make no entries, other than an entry to require entrants to read terms and conditions, mandatory. All entries will be optional, but you are free to have as many options as you desire on the rafflecopter widget. All entries will be verified.
  • Christine Tolhurst makes no promises for sales, cash amount of sales, traffic, “likes” on Facebook, “Follows” on Twitter, or sales leads, although they are often a benefit of holding a review/giveaway.

Please note, these policies are subject to change at any time.

Again, Thank you for choosing to work with Saved By Grace blog.

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