Money Saving Tips for Families

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Money Saving Tips for Families

1) Time is money unless you stay at home full time, then perhaps some deals are worth your time. If you can spend an hour cutting coupons and you save $10, then $10 an hour is worth your time (you get the gist, don’t go crazy on me now). However if you are a working mom, spending time with your family is more valuable so getting some help with a cleaning service (hire a friend and spread the love) or letting some deals slide is okay too.

2) Stockpiling is saving money. If you see a great deal on something you regularly buy and you see it for 50% off, then it is worth going ahead and buying several months worth, if you have the storage capacity. I bought 13 cans of Parmesan on sale this year, that is a savings of $13. Those little efforts add up. Of course I wish I bought more now, those cans only lasted a couple a months. I never saw a sale like that again. If I would of had a bigger stockpile fund I shoulda bought 50.

3) Keeping track of your savings is quite an encouragement to keep the savings ball rolling. Rollin, rolling, keep that ball a rolling. (whiphere, Rawhide). Plus when you do it this way you have braggin rights down the olde saloon/playground.

4) Put money aside every month for your stockpile. If you save $5 a month within a couple of months you will have $20 bucks. And then when you see 13 cans of Parmesan marked down you can go for it without having heart palpitations that you’re living on the edge of your monthly budget.

5) Try the envelope system. Split your monthly grocery budget into 4 or 5 weekly envelopes. I know its so Dave Ramsey, but come on, Dave Ramsey is a smart guy.

Money Saving Tips for Families is not something you just jump into like a bowl of hot chili. You must take baby steps, one pinkie toe at a time until it becomes part of who you are. A saver.

Repeat to yourself “I am a Saver”.

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