Most Wearable Spring Fashion for Busy Moms 2013

I have always loved fashion trends, even if they have always been my own. 😉 Lately, I have been loving the trend of leggings, tunics and sweaters, given the weather here, but as Spring approaches, it is time to freshen up what I have been wearing and give it a new look.

Dressing when you are a mom who is pressed for time and needs clothes that work with the demands of being a mom can be a challenge.I have picked my favorite and most wearable trends from the UK and US to stick to this Spring to add a burst of newness to your spring wardrobe!*

One top trend all over the runways is blazers. When scouring the internet for the best deals, I have come to find that some of my favorite blazers are from New Look. They have the most up to date styles at very awesome prices. I am really in love with the lighter pastel colors! They can really make an outfit shine if you don’t over-do them. A blazer is a perfect way to add that pop of color.  That is certinally refreshing! Plus, don’t forget the hot trend of blazers in all white!


On top of blazers, some new trends that are popping up everywhere are animal prints. I have always loved animal prints and I am so happy to see these coming back. My favorite way to wear them is with a manicure or even a cute clutch. I think with animal prints, it is best to stick with small accessories as to not look like, you, yourself belong in the zoo!


Additionally, one of my favorite trends is monochrome plaid patterns. I have a gray and black black men’s button-down that I have been wearing and I am loving the way it looks paired with just about anything from leggings to jeans and I am sure it would go great with the right pair of shorts!

I personally love the trend in pumps this season. Low heel and wedges are in and my feet are very thankful! I admit, I am one of the strange women who never really learned how to walk in heels properly, so I avoid really tall ones to begin with so it makes me very happy to know my low heeled pumps will be in style this season! Pumps are a perfect way to also bring in the other trends like pastels and animal prints in subtle ways to any outfit as well.


With the warmer weather approaching, it is time to also think about ditching those long pants. The latest and most trendy look for this spring is Bermuda shorts. I love this look so much! It is not only practical for moms, but modest and feminine as well! Bermuda Style shorts also go wonderfully with a blazer and heels. Take a day look to a night look instantly!

I hope you are looking forward to adding some new styles to your wardrobe and coming out of the winter chill as much as I am! By the way, since I loved the blazers so much at New Look, I also wanted to point out that all the trends pictured here are also from the site as well. Happy shopping for your favorite trends this season!




*I was compensated for writing this post. Although I was compensated, all opinions are my own.


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